Very long Preview time since Update RW7.5.7

When I try to preview a page, it takes now from 30s to 2mn!
It happens on our two projects, and it has worked for a long time (2-3s to preview).
The Mac Os is still the same (Mojave 10.14.4),there is enough space on the harddisk.
I think it happens since the migration into RW7.5.7 (but not totally sure).

Since you’re working on an older version of RapidWeaver, it would probably be good to first start with what versions of other things you’re using?

What verson of macOS?

What type of pages are taking a long time to load? Stacks? if so, what version of Stacks?

Are there any common items on the pages? Any type of content that is similar between the slow to load pages?


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