Joe Workman bought Metamate?

Just wondering what the status is for the SEO plugin MetaMate from Michael Robinson of Click the “Shop” icon on the homepage, and it forwards to

I found MetaMate to be an excellent tool in RW5 and not bad in RW6. It doesn’t work in RW7, and there’s not been an update since v1.1.6 was released about a year ago.

Any news about MetaMate’s future? Will an update be for all RapidWeaver users or only work in Foundation-built sites?

Just curious. I could really use an update for RW7.


All I know is that it will happen sometime this year and that he has not started on it yet.

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Joe should let customers know… I have all those plugins. A bit frustrating that links just lead to his site with zero information.

The plugins were dead before I purchased them. I never contacted user about this because I cannot make any promises or get hopes up that they would come back to life any time soon. But as Rob said, I do hope to make headway on it later this year.


Thanks Joe. We’re looking forward to it.