MetaMate plugin

MetaMate was mentioned on the RW podcast #5 (thanks, Ben and Dan); has anyone any experience of it, please?

Is it an advance over RW’s built in metadata settings?


I use it. It saves a bit of time.

I’ve heard of this plugin before but never looked into it. Looking now, it definitely seems like a timesaver. Going to take the plunge!

I use MetaMate for my sites. It really helps when you have sites with over 10+ pages.

I have one RW project with about 75 pages and without it I would be lost.

Thank you, all!

So it can do things which RW’s own built-in metadata settings cannot?

Anyone know if Mike at PagesOfInterest is still around, please: although his time zone is very different, I haven’t had answers to these two questions despite trying quite a few times:

1 - when do I use %tokens% and when do I use straight strings; I’ve read and reread the mmanual, but it still isn’t clear to me?

2 - why would a fresh install of MetaMate (Yes, I bought it; hope I shan’t regret it) display the (existing) metatags which I’d already entered into RW 6’s Configure > Code > Metatags setting on some pages but not others?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer these questions!

I’ve only just started using Joe Workman’s SEO Helper for Foundation. It’s really good for creating Open Graph metadata.

Thanks, Peter! I can well believe it :smile:

I’m not yet working within Foundation - so really need to understand the ins and outs of MetaMate