Aptenon 2.1 missing

I made the catastrophically bad decision to upgrade to OSX Catalina, (If it Ain;t broke, why fix it?)
It caused all sorts of problems and the advice of my Mac expert was to do a clean install, which I did - after doing a bootable backup of my existing, Mojave, system.
It’s going to take me days to sort out all the software I’ve downloaded, finding it’s associated plugins and preferences on the backup disk, and so on.
Rapidweaver 8 tells me that my Aptenon 2.1 theme is missing. I can’t find it anywhere on my backup, or on the web, or on SysDesigns site.
Can anyone help? Does anyone have it and can send me a copy? (I paid for it originally, obviously!)
Without it I can’t update my site…

Looking at the source code, all the references are to Aptenon.
How do I find the styles that I applied, on my backup disk?
Although Rapidweaver still tells me Aptenon 2.1 theme is missing…
Thanks again

Assuming you are using RW8, all of the addons including themes should be in the addons folder. You’ll want to locate that folder and copy it to the cleanly installed machine.

Now you’re probably wondering where that is located, and that depends. You have the option to place it anywhere you want. I keep mine out in plain sight in a folder inside my documents folder. Chances are that you didn’t move it, so Rapidweaver by default places buried inside the directory folder.

I can’t remember the exact location, but inside Rapidweaver if you select preferences and addons you should see a reveal in finder button. That should point you to the directory you need to get off the backup.

Say design is now part of @willwood, but I don’t see that theme listed.

@QPhotography @teefers I have archival copies of Aptenon, including version 2.1. Tested and confirmed to still work with RapidWeaver 8.

However I don’t see any saved XML style sets to go with the theme. So I assume none were ever provided by the orginal developers? In which case, once Aptenon 2.1 is re-installed on your computer, you’d just have to make your style/color selections again from the theme options. Which I doubt would be much time or effort to do.

@willwood Can you get a copy of Aptenon 2.1 to me? I have found a saved style which I’m pretty sure will be the one I last used.
What’s the best way of going forward? Dropbox? WeTransfer? Email? If the latter, my best email to use is simongrosset (at) gmail.com.
Let me know if there’s a charge for digging through your archive for me!
Many thanks!

Brilliant! Thanks - found them all (I hope!)

@QPhotography Please email or Discord message me through my website and attach any website links or proof of purchase you might have: https://themeflood.com/

The Covid-19 sitation is getting really bad again in the UK. I’m currently self isolating. For now I am keeping on top of email and the Discord live chats, but chances are I might be missing forum messages here and social media posts from elsewhere. Email and Discord works best for me. Same applies for anyone else needing my attention on RapidWeaver matters over the next few weeks.

If you review the Aptenon theme or make a small donation, then I may be inclined to expediate your download link request more quickly! :slight_smile:

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