Armadillo v2.0 Official Launch

I’m immensely happy to announce the official launch of Armadillo v2.0!

If you’re brand new to RapidWeaver, and want to edit your website remotely, from any device - even when you don’t have access to RapidWeaver itself - Armadillo is the perfect tool for the job. Seasoned RW pros will find Armadillo an indispensable part of of their workflow, especially when creating sites for clients who need to edit their own content.

###What’s New
Much more than I can list in this post! Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Solo Content - you can display it anywhere on your RapidWeaver site, and even have multiple Solo Content stacks on the same page
  • Auto-creation of Solo Content - As of v2.1.0 you can now have Armadillo create Solo Content for you automatically
  • Inline Editing - when using Solo Content, you can directly edit it on the live user-facing website, when you’re logged into the Armadillo dashboard
  • Completely redesigned, fully responsive interface
  • A beautiful new split-view Markdown editor
  • Internal Links - easily reference other content you’ve created in Armadillo
  • Sortable & Searchable Content Lists - perfect when you have a lot of content
  • Meta Tag Templates - Click a button, select the one you want, and Armadillo will insert it for you, ready for editing

There is much more apart from this, like automatic lighboxing of linked images, enabled content modes, content author editing, and, of course, many outstanding bugs have been squashed as well.

Before Upgrading:

The Upgrade Process:

Using Solo Content:

###Upgrade Details

  • Version 2.0 is a paid upgrade. Anyone who purchased on July 1st, 2015 or later is entitled to a free copy of this version. Please contact us for assistance if you purchased Armadillo on or after July 1st, 2015.
  • Current owners of v1.7.5 or earlier are entitled to a 50% discount on v2.0, and an email with more details will be sent to you directly within the next day. Please contact us directly if you have questions about this process.
  • If you are upgrading from v1.0 be sure to read this Upgrade Guide first, before proceeding with the upgrade.

###Purchase Info

###Bug Reports
Please email bug reports so we can keep track of them, and address them as quickly as possible. There always seem to be a few minor issues that make it through extensive beta testing, and we’d like to fix them as soon as possible when they occur!

Thank you for your continued support!



It looks very good. No surprise there!

Armadillo is one of the most important weapons in my RW arsenal. I am very pleased to see this major upgrade!

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Just waited for the discount code and then bought.

Great update - thanks Jonathan

Awesome! - that is all

Thanks guys! Appreciate the kind words~ :smile:

Changes everything… So good! Thanks @nimblehost!

Hi Jonathan does or will 2.0 support a gallery?

Could you clarify a bit what you mean by “gallery”? In other words, what would you expect a gallery in Armadillo to be, and what would you expect it to do for you automatically?

I ask because you can make simple galleries in Armadillo right now, like so:

  • Add a table to the page, specify how many rows and columns you want
  • Add a small thumbnail image to each “cell” of the table
  • Make those small thumbnails into links, which point to a larger version of the image

Once you’ve done this, Armadillo will detect those links and display the linked images in its lightbox for you automatically.

So yes, it does support galleries, but I’m guessing you have something a bit different in mind. :wink:

This update is truly amazing. I used Armadillo a bit in the past, but there were key limitations. Now it’s a product that gives me everything I want with blogs + solo content in one package.

Mainly I want to give a “call out” for the seemingly “small” features in this update that make it such a joy to work with. This includes

  • sortable & searchable content lists: Jonathan mentioned this above, but it’s a killer feature if you have several authors (as I will) and each author making several contributions (as I will). The search bit is self-explanatory. But the sortable part is quite amazing: you can search by title, author, publish date, edit date, and status (published, draft).
  • contributors only see what they are allowed to contribute to. I’m creating a site that will have about 100 places where others besides me make contributions. That’s a lot. When one of those “others” logs in they will only see their stuff. This makes everything much easier for a team, and especially easier for those not used to producing web content.
  • Jonathan said this, but the markdown editing area is beautifully implemented.
  • it’s an especially nice touch being able to edit solo content material while inside the dashboard area, or out on the website wherever that content is located. For my users (students) this likely means that they’ll create their content in the dashboard area (since they have to login anyways), but will refine/further edit their content out on the relevant page when they go to make sure it all looks/reads well.

I’m sure I’m missing some important features. But Armadillo has changed how I think about creating websites: I can now make them a truly collaborative affair.

Thank you very much for the new Armadillo and your great support!! I am so happy with the solo content feature. It’s just gorgeous.

I’ve got a few videos about upgrading to v2.0 ready:

Before Upgrading:
The Upgrade Process:
Using Solo Content:

I’ll also add these in the original post above.


Awesome videos @nimblehost! Love it when developers like you, Joe, Adam (Elixir) and Isaiah actually use your voice and even get into the video, great job!!

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Thanks @zeebe! Shooting video takes a lot of time, so it’s great to hear when it’s appreciated. :smile:

Great vids @nimblehost i’ve purchased 2.0 but will hang on for the multiple blog functionality until i install. It’s great how clear you made that on your upgrading vid.

Much appreciated @jutty0069 - wanted to make sure there was no confusion on that point. :wink:

Just a quick note that I’ve updated the original post for the official launch of v2.0, which starts today. Many thanks to everyone for the feedback, it’s been invaluable in helping make Armadillo the best product possible!

I currently use version 1 and the email that I received was for 25% off. Is it 25% or 50% to upgrade?

@unluckytoe Owners of the previous version received 50% off. The 25% off discount is exclusively for NimbleHost members but is not available otherwise.