Armadillo CMS CSS for Blog Entry Title

I have been trying to change the size of the blog-entry-title from h1 to h3 or to override it via css with no luck today.

Does any one know how you would change the font size for this but only for the item concerned?

It has

and after <div class-“blog-entry”> and then

I tried getting support from @NimbleHost but their captcha fails every time and if it isn’t that, it requests to enter the name and email again.

This post might help:

CSS can’t really be used to change the HTML tag. You can change the size of the text that the title uses.

HTML tags like h1 or h2 shouldn’t be used to simply adjust the size or styling of what’s being displayed. They have semantic importance to search engines and other non-human robots scanning your pages.

If you want help with CSS to make changes to the size or style of something, it’s always best to provide a URL to a sample page along with what you want to change. CSS varies depending on the theme you are using.

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Thank you for your help.
It seems I just had the syntax wrong. I added the following to the Custom CSS section:
.blog-entry-title {font-size: 24px;} which is exactly what I wanted.

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Unfortunately when I posted the message, it had not displayed the code.
In any case, when I mentioned h1/h3, it was only because the code was generating that.
I found that once I had the syntax right for the custom CSS, thanks to @thang, I was able to control the appearance.
The documentation does not cover this very well but then it is more likely my lack of understanding of how to use it on the custom CSS as I knew how to manage fonts with CSS but not the way it expected in the settings

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Hi Frank, I’m sorry to hear about the contact form issues you had on our site. It may take me some time to do so (my wife gave birth to our second child a few weeks ago) but I will make sure that gets fixed.

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Thanks Jonathan.

I was able to resolve those issues and I was eventually able to post a request on your site.

However, I did have a couple of questions which I did post with the contact form. They are:

  1. I found that when you click on “Show More Posts”, its a bit of hit or miss if it shows more. How do I resolve that?
  2. I want to have a horizontal line between each post. How do I achieve that? I thought adding the line would do it but it does not show.
    Also, when you allow adding comments, it does not seem to do that for each post, only one at the end of all the posts. Thoughts?

Question 1 sounds like a javascript conflict of some kind, possibly due to another stack on the page, or with the theme itself.

Regarding question 2, the CSS required to accomplish this will be unique and specific to the theme you’re using for the site. Armadillo uses the same markup as the RW built-in Blog page type, to take advantage of the styles created by the theme developer for that page. So, what might work to get a horizontal line between posts with one theme may not work for another. Something like this might work:

.armadilloContent .blog-entry { border-bottom: solid 1px #ccc; }

Needless to say, you’ll want to make adjustments to ensure the display is what you are shooting for.

As for comments, it’s been some time since I’ve revisited this in Armadillo, more specifically with the Disqus requirements for accomplishing this (and any changes Disqus has made since the original implementation); if memory serves, you have to register the URL of your Armadillo Blog in your Disqus account - beyond that, I will need to do further research before being able to answer with any confidence.

Thank you for your reply.
I will give that a try and investigate further the other issues.
Overall, I quite like Armadillo and you did a great job.
One suggestion if you intend to develop this further is to have an option for a picture slide show. Also, Youtube videos do not scale well but that is not a big deal as one can change it so it fits on smaller devices (unless you have a solution for making them responsive).

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You are, as we say in Australia, an absolute legend.

Thank you very much. It works great!

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I’m having an issue about GUI on one of my websites. See here: Image 12-03-2021 17 10

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