Armadillo - No input file specified

Hello all,

I am trying my first Armadillo implementation and I receive a “No input file specified” error message when I try to visit the admin page to finish setup. I have created the php.ini page and added the “cgi.fix_pathinfo = 1” line as suggested in their documentation but it made no difference. I’m waiting to hear back from Jonathan but thought I’d check here in the meantime if anyone has experienced this too and found a resolution.


Having the SAME issue.

No success setting up Armadillo with GoDaddy…

After publishing and then accessing the Blog for a first time online setup, I received the following message and link:

“It looks like a few more things need to be setup before content can be displayed.
Visit the admin page to finish setup.”

Then when I clicked on the link the home page appeared with no graphics. When I click on the Db (Blog) page link I get the following error
"No input file specified."

GoDaddy say all of the information plugged into RW/Armadillo is correct - hostname, PW, etc.

GoDaddy confirmed I have full access to the Db

There are issues with line 2 of the stacks_page_page17.js file in my Db folder.
Missing name in function declaration.
r is already defined.
Expected ‘)’ to match ‘(’ from line 2 and instead saw ‘,’.
Missing semicolon.
Expected an identifier and instead saw ‘)’.
a is already defined.
Expected an operator and instead saw ‘!’.
Confusing use of ‘!’.
Don’t make functions with a loop.
Use ‘!==’ to compare with ‘null’.
Too many errors. (50% scanned).

I deleted the Db/Blog files. reinstalled Armadillo, restarted RW, recreated the Db/Blog and republished. No changes.

I created the php5.ini file and added the “cgi.fix_pathinfo = 1” line as suggested but it made no difference.

Using the latest RW, Armadillo, and stacks…

Anyone - thoughts?


you need to tag Jonathan from @nimblehost to make him aware of this thread.

Hey Jürgen - ok thanks. I messaged him. Not sure how to tag.

To tag someone, just use the @ symbol and then type their name, the hard part is knowing what the name might be.

Hi @LGPMac it sounds like you may be using an older version of GoDaddy hosting, prior to the newer (current) cPanel plans, is that correct?

If so, based on what we’ve seen so far, Armadillo will only work on those older hosting accounts if it is the main domain associated with the hosting account. Do you happen to know what type of GoDaddy hosting plan you are using?

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Hi Jonathan,

I called GoDaddy and switched my account to a cPanel plan and everything is
working well. Thank you for the speedy reply.
You should include this in your troubleshooting documentation.

Thanks again, regards,


Larry G. Pardy CD RSW

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