Trying to install Armadillo - error message

I’m new to Armadillo, tried to install a few months ago, gave up and now I’m at it again.

I think I followed everything, I installed a database that I can access through my site’s console.

  1. After I open my test page I’m asked to enter my configuration details.

  2. Then there’s the 2nd step where I create the admin’s password

  3. Time zone and language. My site is bilingual and I choose auto detection

  4. Then I click and I get this error message. Some of it is in French…

It says in French : Armadillo’s media folder cannot be written. Files cannot be downloaded or deleted before correction of this malfunction.

Then there’s a link “corriger maintenant” which means “correct now” but it doesn’t seem to do anything when I click on it…

@ARTM I would contact Jonathan directly. I think this is an easy fix, but I’m not sure personally what the “fix” is. I can say I’ve been very happy using Armadillo. But at times people do run into issues with the initial setup.

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The error you’re seeing is related to file permissions. We have more information and directions on how to fix this issue on our documentation site here:

Hope this helps.

Thanks !

I’m trying to do it, but I get "Impossible to change the owner of “stacks.css”.
Message from the server : ‘SITE CHOWN’ not understood


The “stacks.css” file is unrelated to Armadillo and located in a different folder. In this case, you should only need to change permissions on the folder called “armadillo”.

Thanks Jonathan, it worked with 777 and then I changed it to 775

So now I have to read the tutorial to understand what to do next, but here is my test page

My site is bilingual, has a separate splash page and then two folders (that’s three RW documents), and I will make two blogs. I guess I will need to do the same for each folder ?

From reading the troubleshooting page, I thought that the permissions had to be changed on the whole stacks folder as it didn’t mention the armadillo folder.

navigate to the rw_common/plugins/stacks folder.
Use your mouse to select (do not open) that folder.