Armadillo v2.0 Official Launch

Just stopped by to say ‘Wow!’.

I have been using it casually for the past couple years, but I just blew some people away with the simplicity of the new solo content. Bravo!

You’re making ME look really good. :wink:

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Just a quick note that the inevitable v2.0.1 update was released last night, and should appear for you in Stacks.

I released Armadillo v2.0.2 last night, which fixes a number of minor issues. Updating is quick an easy, especially if you’re using the new Stacks 3.

For those interested, release notes are here:

Thanks, Jonathan - another amazing piece of RW software :slight_smile:

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Bought it without a blink. Installation on weekend. Feels a bit like the day prior to Christmas! Thanks, Jonathan @nimblehost!

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Hello Jonathan,
I’m new to Armadillo and creating databases. Is it accurate to say I need to contact my hosting company to set up a database to use with Armadillo? Also, do I need to set up a new database for each website that uses Armadillo? Or do I need to create a new database for each Armadillo stack? I realize I’m going to get thrashed for asking such basic questions by others, but I’m excited to use it. Thanks for your time.

@DMillington: You’ll need a new database for each website that uses Armadillo. The one database will handle all the Armadillo stacks you use throughout the site.

You may need to contact your hosting company re: setup. Some hosts are very good at providing tutorials about how to do this. Jonathan may have a generic tutorial also (although the exact details may change from host to host.)

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It’s worth pointing out that you can still use your database for other data storage without interfering with Armadillo, as long as you don’t start mucking around with the tables used by Armadillo!


Hi @DMillington :smile:

Most hosting companies provide a setup “wizard” in your hosting control panel, for you to create databases for use with apps like Armadillo. Your hosting support should definitely be able to assist with database creation, either by pointing you to their documentation about how to do so, or perhaps even doing it for you.

As @Mathew has mentioned, you do need a new database for each site where you want to use Armadillo. So, if you have three separate sites and want to use Armadillo on each one, then you’ll need three databases.

Hope this helps.

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Just a quick note that I’ve released v2.1.0, a free update which allows for the automatic creation of Solo Content.

In the Solo Content stack, just make sure the “Auto Create?” checkbox is selected, and if you specify a Content ID which doesn’t exist in the database, Armadillo will create it for you automatically when you visit that page in a web browser. This automatic creation will happen even if you’re not logged in. :smile:

Thank you. I will check it out today.

I went to get the update, but couldn’t find the link to it. Can you post a direct link to the up the 2.1.0 update please?

In the Stacks Library single-click on the Updates icon at the very foot. It will download and install it for you.

@DMillington You can also use your original download link to get the latest version.

Your website list lttleOak as a provider that works, even has a guide (PDF) that shows the steps to setup. Guide is dated and does not work. It looked to be pretty easy and not.
I have been trying for 2 days to figure this out. Not much help from Little Oak or your support area.
Need more info on what Armadillo needs for access privileges from my SQL and any .htacess changes.

@teefers Thanks for the info. I don’t have access to a LittleOak hosting account to test with, so it’s good to know the guide provided by one of our members needs to be updated accordingly. Based on what I’ve seen in our support system you were able to get everything working, correct?

Yes your staff was great. I think just remove the link to the PDF guide and as it is out of date and confused both me and the little oak support person. Once we forgot about the guide the setup was easy.

Good stuff, appreciate the feedback!

Nimblehost is always very helpful, even when people like me don’t read the instructions properly!

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With Gallery Stack 3 it is now possible to display photos put into a blog post as a “Gallery” (thumbnail grid/light box combination) or “Slider”: