Loading into the JW PDF Embed stack


I am creating a page for revealing articles to my members.

For that purpose I am using the JW PDF Embed stack which works just beautiful.

But there will be rather many articles, and it is my plan is to make a sidebar with links to pdf docs from which the member can choose which article he wants to see.

What I want is to launch the pfd doc related to the link in the PDF Embed stack.

Is that possible to di, and if so how to do :slight_smile:

Hope somebody have great ideas (as usually :smile: )

That specific stack opens your PDF document in a browser window. At the bottom of a window, there are controls which (one of them) allow users to download that document to their computer. If you don’t see the controls in your browser, just hover over the bottom portion and they will reappear.

Thanks @Rovertek

But what I want is to launch a particular article into the PDF Embed stack when clicking a particular link to that article (I am uploading the articles to my server).

Really doubt this is possible. You could try a modal pop-up type stack with a pdf in a scroll stack if there is one that accommodates a pdf (which I doubt but you never know).

Why not do the articles in text - which could easily be in a modal pop up - and then have a download pdf option within the pop up?

Hi @manofdogz

Thanks for your reply.
I’d like to use the pdf format because the articles are rich on pictures, tables, and other exiting stuff :slight_smile:

I have considered modal, but I dont believe that is my answer to this task.

Well - if it isn’t possible to load a new article in the PFD embed stack via a link, I just have to make a page for each article in stead :slight_smile:

That’s what I do, even though it is not an ideal method.