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You know the deal by now… :smile:


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What is your vision of the ideal RapidWeaver conference?
What goals would it achieve that would result in you considering it successful?

Get your questions in now, as always, anything goes :wink:

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Brad (aka Turtle)

How do I view only my bookmarked topics in the community forums or even put them at the top of the listing?

Is there a master list of RapidWeaver developers somewhere that a person can go to to find new stuff that unfortunately isn’t on the RapidWeaver Community because they either refuse to put their stuff on the Community (a disservice to us customers) or don’t know how to or for whatever reason don’t put their stuff here, I personally don’t want to have to hunt high and low and become a member of several different forums to see stuff available to us users. So, I don’t, I only buy what is shown on the RapidWeaver Community, to me that’s a loss for devs and for customers!


Two questions/topics
How does the project file work?
For example:
If I start with embedded images and later change to warehousing will the project file purge the old ones and get smaller? Does the resources effect the size of the project file? If I add then later delete pages do they get purged from the project file? What else is happening in there?

What are the benefits/drawbacks of cdn’s like cloud flare


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If you could give any person a option for a “do over” who would it be and why?

For instance I would give Einstein the opportunity to decide whether or not he would send the letter to Roosevelt which launched the arms race that resulted in the atomic bomb that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The reason I would like to give choose Einstein for this “do over” is because he was a pacifist and the creation of the atomic bomb goes against what he stood for. However, it ended World War 2.

Is this the button builder you were referring to? This goes back in time as you are listed in the about pane as Daniel. What is a “Human interface design”?

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Hi Dan and Ben,
Thank you for trying to answer my question in the last podcast about why one of my websites is not loading in absence of wifi. You mentioned that it might be getting hung up on something which seems reasonable because it appears to start loading and then just stops. I thought you said “CMD” which I have no idea about. I also don’t understand why the site is so large. In RW5, the same website was only 5.4 MB but after updating to RW6 the site went to 13.8 MB. Is this normal?.
You asked for the url and it is
http://www.gvrdc.org and as you guessed, it is about horses – our local riding club.
I used WeaverPix to showcase 70 photos of jumps totaling 2.7MB and then another 132 KB of photos on a separate page. I always use photos that I export as jpgs from Photoshop and they are usually around 20-40 kbs in size.
The other site that I have no trouble uploading without wifi, is 10 MB and has 180 photos totaling 2.7 MB That’s why I didn’t think it was the photos causing the problem. So I did an experiment and removed the 70 photos from the gvrdc site. File size dropped to 13.8 MB. I uploaded that and it still won’t load on iphone unless I’m connected to wifi. Any more ideas please?

BTW, I love the opening and closing ditty for the podcasts. Makes me want to dance.

Mary (aka bpequine)