Help with stacks4stacks audio player

I am having some off symbols and strange functionality with the audio player stack. I get these weird symbols where the time is and when I try to tweet the controls the player appears to duplicate itself. I am using aspen.


As always, try some basic troubleshooting yourself first; like…

  • Duplicating the project file and deconstructing the page to find conflicts.
  • Trying a different RW theme.
  • Checking for available updates.
  • Check you have not accidentally hidden stacks in edit mode or placed them inside something they should not be inside.
  • Test without fancy animation / toggle effects.
  • Making sure you have not inadvertently added broken code or scripts somewhere.
  • Using new stacks added into the page, instead of old ones copied in from elsewhere.

Your google-site-verification meta tag has a syntax error. Too many double quotes. That wants fixing or removing.

The browser console is reporting another syntax error in the page, with a mystery > character somewhere. Possibly a mismatch in opening and closing tags or something you mistakenly typed in a stack setting.

My initial theory is that you have somehow put an AudioPlayer stack inside the control bar of another AudioPlayer stack. So the above pointers should help you retrace your steps and narrow the issue down somewhat.

You have some rather ugly and invasive Facebook Pixel tracking code in that webpage. Probably a wise idea to remove it for testing and reinstate it later via an opt-in system, so you are compliant with relevant privacy laws.

And you are loading images in the > 5 MB size range from Unsplash which are significantly impacting your page loading and drastically slowing everything down. Your page was over 30 seconds to load for me. A lot of people will not wait that long. Some web browsers may abort the page loading, resulting in things breaking.

You say that you are trying to “tweet the controls”. Do you mean add a Twitter sharing button to the control bar? I don’t think that is a supported function of the AudioPlayer stack. Certainly extra code or buttons you try to add to the player could be a culprit for it breaking. I’d always suggest putting a Twitter share button somewhere else on the page and make it share the page link, rather than individual MP3 files.

A “please” or a “thank you” also goes a long way on these forums, if you want the community to help you. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Thank you.

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