Availability / Booking Calendar with 2 way Cal Sync

I’m looking for a Booking / Availability Calendar that has 2 way Cal Sync. This is to enable a 3rd party agency’s reservations to sync with bookings made directly via the website. Ideally the non-available dates should just have a cross or colour code to indicate they are booked - no detail required. When a booking is made on the website it should sync to the agency calendar and vice versa. Any ideas?

Could Calendly.com with embed option work for you? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately I don’t think this will work as it is more about inviting people to appointments whereas I am looking for a holiday let booking facility.

Try phpjabbers.com. I used one of their scripts for a school booking system and it worked a treat. You have to drop the generated code into a HTML stack and that’s pretty much it. There isn’t anything available for RW that covers everything sadly.

Yes - I like the look of their booking system - it needs some custom work for the 2 way Cal Sync however which will bump the price up quite a bit.

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