Axyn Ecwid Stacks - Official Release Launch

Now with the Ecwid Suite of stacks from Axyn Technology, selling online with Ecwid, is now easier and more powerful than ever.

With the Ecwid Suite of stacks from Axyn Technology, you can easily control the majority of aspects of your Ecwid store to fit the look and feel. Set different local fonts to different elements of your Ecwid store. Control the color and size of different elements. Control how the images display, how the product details page looks like, what elements are displayed on the category pages or details page… and much more!

Although our suite of stacks are very powerful and give you a lot of control over the look and feel of your Ecwid store, they are simple to use!

Rapidweaver 7.x or above (8.3 recommended), Stacks 3.5 or above



IMPORTANT NOTE: if you purchased the Pre-Release version of the Ecwid Stacks, just re-download it from your Paddle account. Please uninstall the pre-release version prior to installing the official release of the Ecwid Stacks. The official release stacks includes a legacy store stack to ease the migration to the official release stacks (mainly the settings from the legacy store, which are now part of the customizer stack). They now also have self update functionality from within Rapidweaver, for updates and bug fixes.


Hi Ricardo,
I am interested in the stacks and trying to send you an contact via your website but it is not sending??

Here is my question please.

I am interested in your newly launch Ecwid RW stacks.

I am actually brand new to Ecwid and currently trying to work out if the Ecwid platform will be able to achieve the result we require. I am only using the free version of Ecwid at the moment until we determine if it will be suitable.

I have setup a draft test site using RapidWeaver the link to one of the product page here;

Basically the site is for a flooring website, we will have a number of product categories with a number of floor products in each and those products will come in vary sizes and colours.

I’d like to have the colour selection buttons reflect a change in thumbnail image. So that when a customer selects the colour it will automatically change the thumbnail image to that colour selection.

Also we want a seperate page for each category but I can’t work out how this is done by category. I can work out how to get the snippet code for a particular product but not for a number of products in a category.

So I’m wondering if your set of stacks will help me achieve the result we are chasing.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Kind regards

Hi Scott,

I’m not at my computer at the moment, but I will take a look at your site and questions later today.

Also, thanks for letting me know that my form is not sending, my ISP made some yesterday and I’m finding issues in several of my websites.


Hi Ricardo,

Thanks, look forward to hearing from you later,

Yes, I could fill in the form but send button wouldn’t highlight or send. Thought it was my maths, had to triple check I was multiplying correctly…:grinning:

Talk later.

Thanks Scott

Hi Scott,

It’s bizarre, the button is not disabled on my end… strange.

Hi Ricardo,

That’s good.

The contact page is looking different now, the reset and send buttons didn’t have any colour earlier and there wasn’t the black and white picture either.

Look forward to your thoughts on my query.

Kind regards,

Hi @scottjf,

The Ecwid shop has product variations starting at the Business plan level. So, you could have the same product with color variations. They have examples of that when you upgrade your account. Also, you should receive an offer to upgrade from the free account with a 50% soon, if you already don’t have received it.

Q: “I’d like to have the colour selection buttons reflect a change in thumbnail image. So that when a customer selects the colour it will automatically change the thumbnail image to that colour selection.”

A: That’s easily achieved, as Ecwid will place up to 5 thumbnails under the images, if you have more, it displays the last image with a plus sign, and when you click on it it brings a lightbox with the full size images. Also the product thumbnails does not select the variants, the actual color variations will be in the drop down menu. Check the sites below.

Q: Yes you can display one category on a page using the Store Stack. See example:

You can play with the redirect stack and breadcrumbs in the customizer stack to define how the user will navigate the store, since you don’t want them to go back to the Ecwid store root.

Also checkout:

I hope that this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Hi Ricardo,

Thanks so much.

I’ve had a good look around Marie’s website and the Ecwid Shop site they look great and seem to work how I want. Marie’s particularly, that is lovely work both her photos plus the website.

Can I ask if they were done with Rapidweaver and which platform? Foundation or another theme? I am mostly using Foundry but plan to get Foundation 6, I think Joe will be releasing that soon.

I think the one category setup using your Ecwid Store stack will do the job and then as you noted…I don’t want customers to go back to the Ecwid store root. I’m not sure how to use the redirect stack and breadcrumbs in the customizer stack so as to define how the user will navigate the store. But will look into that….is that part of your Ecwid Store stack?

Also, I see you have setup a “save for later favourites” button. Is this standard in Ecwid or a paid add-on? I don’t recall seeing it as an option in my settings?

Sorry for all the questions….I’m totally new to Ecwid and still learning.

Another question for our particular use case.

The store will be selling timber flooring, we want prices to be displayed in “$ per square metre” but is only sold in packs and this is the tricky part. For each product, the per pack square meterage varies. Some products the sqm could be 1.698m2 others may be 2.450m2…they are all different manufacturers.

Lets say the per square metre price is $20 and pack is 2.450m2 so pack will sell at $49….we want the $20m2 price to be the feature displayed price but they will be ordering 1 x pack at $49

The customers will be shopping and comparing the price per m2 as that is the standard flooring pricing method….sort of how I’ve done this test page;

This is using Foundry. All I have there is a header with the price with and then coloured the background of the box in red, so this is the price the customer will see. The image slider and text is in a 2 column stack (not using the Ecwid images) And then the Ecwid store is just the “buy now” code snippet underneath.

It works ok but extra time involved this way….and I don’t have some of the features of Ecwid being displayed such as “favourites” “related products” etc

Will your Ecwid Store stack be able to fix some of these issues for me?

I’m still on the free plan…haven’t pulled the trigger to buy yet…haven’t seen the 50% code come through?

Thank you so much for advise and help.

Kind regards

Scott Frankel

Hi @scottjf,

Yes both sites were done with Rapidweaver, using UIKit3 Framework from @Lucas and my Ecwid Stacks.
My stacks should work with any of the framework (Foundry, Foundation, UIKit3, Source, Platform, etc). I don’t have Foundry, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work with it.

For the single category page, I would just turn off the breadcrumbs and setup your own store navigation. Otherwise the Ecwid breadcrumbs always include the root store. It’s a limitation on their end.

Some layout features of the Ecwid store can be enable and disabled at the Ecwid Dashboard, under the design area, including the menu, favorites etc. Play with that, as it will give you a feel for the store look. My stacks, however, gives you a lot more control over the store look. It also can override the settings on the dashboard, which is useful to maintain the overall website look, in case the end user makes unwanted changes on the dashboard.

The customizer stack controls the look of the store per instance. Normally I place the customizer in a partial (for example the header) and that way the store has a consistent look throughout. But you can have a different customizer per store page, and control the look at that store/page level. The store stack, displays the store root or a category, or everything at once, Check the examples on Ecwid Demo Shop. Also check the Ecwid stacks information page

As for the use case, I feel that it can be done, but you’d have to play on how to word it or describe it on the product page.

For example:

Set product base to: $17 (but in Ecwid you cannot add /m2 for example, just prices)
The product base price to your lowest price, this will the price of a class of products in the product page, but the user cannot buy this product, it has to select a variation from the dropdown menu. At which time the price of that pack will show.

set the price at $123
the description: pack with 2450m2 ($20/m2)

set the price at $100
the description: pack with 1700m2 (17/m2)

But I’m sure there are other ways to deal with your particular case.

Something like that. You could add another test account in Ecwid, so you don’t miss their 50% on this one, unless this is the test one, pay it for 1 month only, so that you can test the different features and possibilities.

You can also reach out to their tech support, they are very helpful, maybe they can enable the business level features for a limited time so that you can test it.

I hope that this helps. Please let me know if I missed something or can be of further help.



Hi Ricardo,

I’m finally getting my head around Ecwid…took all weekend but it’s starting to make sense for me now. We’ve upgraded to the Business Plan as a number of features in that were required.

I was about to purchase your Ecwid stack but wanted to double check it will do exactly what we need.

Please see screenshots attached for explanation.

Many thanks

Hello @scottjf,

For the most part yes, it depends what type of tag those elements have. If you don’t mind private messaging your store number, I can test it here and show you which elements and how… FYI, your store number does not give me any access to your Ecwid Store dashboard.


Hi Ricardo,

Thanks…sure…how do I private message you from here??

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Thanks @teefers

Yes thanks Doug…

Sent the message to you Ricardo.


Hi @scottjf,

Got the ID, thanks.
I had not thought about the sale label color, I’ll add it to the customizer for sure.

Great thanks Ricardo,

How about the text for “price”, “compare to price” and “per unit price/save” are all those adjustable by font size and colour?

Hi @scottjf

The price is already customizable… color, font, size!
The sales price label, I’ll add changing the color of it, I’ve already tested the code. Just have to add as an option.

I haven’t figure out yet the ‘compare to price/save’, ironically, everything else in that page is pretty much customizable. But if I can’t do it now, it’s just a question of time before I figure it out, once I figure out the css code I can certainly do it.

With my stack you can control the text type/color/size of elements in other pages as well.

A couple of questions:

What tags did you use for this text?

Where did you enter this text?




Not my choice of colors necessarily… just for example!

Hi @scottjf,

I have it figured out. I will have an update that will allow you to control not only the elements that you pointed out, but several others in the product details page, in addition to all the things that the customizer can already do. Stay tuned.