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Is it possible to add a backup font to an element in RW?

I am using Stacks 3 and Foundation.

In this case I use a Letterpress element with the font Lucida Blackletter. This font is not a common font, and therefor I need a backup font for this exact element.

If anybody have an idea on how to add this, I would be most grateful.

Regards Peter

Normally, you can only use general font family, such as serif, sans serif or cursive as a backup font.

I would suggest to replace the Letterpress stack with free ParagraphPro from Big White Duck. This excellent stack lets you use Google fonts (among many other things), which gives you hundreds of choices for font faces and subsets. They don’t have to be installed on viewers’ computers to be displayed properly on their screens.

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Thanks Rob,

Nice stack. But it seems that I can’t add the drop-shadow effect I need in ParegraphPro

What I need it to look like is this:

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Peter Kroman

In Letterpress, I assume that you are using Custom Definition. That does not support a fallback font right now. My Font Pro stacks do allow you to define a fallback. They also have drop shadow features similar to those in Letterpress.

Letterpress stack indeed does provide some nice text effects. I am using that stack myself, where I don’t need to use Google fonts.

There is another free font stack from S4S. It is simply called FontStack. It provides some font effects as well. How about something like that:


This font is called Germania One. You may be able to find a closer match to your font.


Thanks Joe,

But since your Pro Font stack is rather expensive, I need to be sure that is meets my requirements before I purchase it.

As to my requirements I need to be able to access back-up fonts from any optional source, like fonts hosted locally on my server, and fonts hosted by any Open Source Font supplier.

Can you confirm that this is possible with the Font Pro stack?

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Peter Kroman

Hi Peter – eller hej Peter

You probably have a good cause for using the Lucida Blackletter font… but not many will see your font choice! You will – if you have it installed on your computer. I won’t because I don’t, and I’m a graphic artist dealing with a lot of fonts every day – but I don’t even have it in my library.

If only 0.05% will see the font the right way it doesn’t seem like a good choice.

If I was you I’d go looking for a google font that comes as close as possible… you could also embed the font on your website, but then there’s the legal questions… or you could buy the Lucida Blackletter WebFont from one of the font stores. It’ll cost you around 20$, but then the whole world (almost) will be able to see the font the way you want them to see it…

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Hi defigra (Hej
:grinning: )

I know that Lucida Blackletter i not a common font, but I have it as a backup font (attatched).

I use Lucída Blackletter only for headlines on all my pages (a genealogy site), which I have done since the site was started about four years ago. The reason that I chose Lucida Blackletter from the start is that I would have an ”old letters type” font for the hedalines, and that I am working on Mac and here is this font a standard implementation. At the time I started out with my site I was not so much aware that this font was not imediately available to most people.

Over the years I have developed my site a lot and I have coded a lot of pages form scratch, because the functionality of these pages require a lot of database interaction and with them I have no problem adding the attatched font as a backup font. Anyway I am still using RW to all the pages that do not require db interaction and for those pages I need to be able to install the attatched font as a backup font so that I don’t have to re-code all those pages too :grinning:.

Med venlig hilsen/Best regards

Peter Kroman

Font Pro can do exactly what you want. You can define your own custom fallback fonts.

Thanks Joe,

I have purchased, installed and used the Font Pro stacks. The generally work nicely. But in IE 11 and Edge the don’t seem to work. Why is that?

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Peter Kroman

Can you be more specific as to what does not work?

It doesn’t show either the web font or the customized baclup font I have put in. It works in all other browsers I have tested.

You can see it here:

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Peter Kroman

I shipped v1.3.1 today that had some really good bug fixes. Give that a try.

It makes no difference :worried:

Med venlig hilsen/Best regards

Peter Kroman

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