FIXED: Bought "Locked" Stack & Now Website Doesn't Work (reqs. PHP)

Hi all,

I bought the stack this morning and when running in Rapidweaver 8 all is well but once published the website no longer works. Here are the FTP and error messages. I have Filezilla if that can be used to help.

Thanks in advance…

The site is

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Hello James,

The Locked Stack looks like a very useful stack, I’ll buy it later too.

Do not worry, Michael from @yuzool will answer you when he can, keep in mind that he lives in Japan and has a full-time day job not related to RW. Surely he will fix it, he is very helpful :slightly_smiling_face:. Just have a little patience until he responds, maybe in the meantime publish your site without the Locked Stack or maybe in the meantime someone from this forum has another solution. Good luck :+1:


Are you sure your hosting service contains PHP?

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Seems to according to them but I will change from Windows to Linux on the hosting tab and try again

It’s OK - I switched to Linux hosting from Windows and all is well :-}


Glad it sorted out @Sparkoids

Worth adding that to the FAQ - “requires PHP” :slight_smile:

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