Banner image .jpg will not load using Tesla Pro (made image in idraw)

Banner image .jpg will not load using Tesla Pro (made image in idraw). I had it working temporally but
could never repeat the results…

Did you export the image as a .jpg from idraw? If so is the proper extension on the file (.jpg). Did you try a different picture file in project to test? You want to determine where the problem lies.

It would also be helpful if you shared your process for putting into the your project. I am fairly sure it will be an easy fix. You should also try the theme developer directly if you don’t get an answer here.

Thanks for the reply JohnJ. Yes I exported the image as a .jpg file. I just now figured out that other (non modified) .jpg files
do not work either…

I would contact the developer directly. I have always just modded the theme assets and swapped out the stock image with my image. I’m sure there is a better way to it without modding the theme but I don’t know it. Wish I could be more helpful.

Just in case you haven’t seen it, there is a tutorial here: on using banners and custom banners in Tesla pro. I had tried custom banners in a test on Tesla following the instructions in the video and it did work fine. Otherwise I’ve found Adam at Elixir is very helpful and responds promptly to support questions.

Throwing this out there, just in case.

I’m using the Navigator theme and had the same issue of the banner not loading. My problem was I had named them Banner1.jpg and Banner2.jpg. Couldn’t get them to load to save my soul.

Stupid me. The name is case-sensitive. After renaming them to banner1.jpg and banner2.jpg, life became wonderful again.

So glad you figued it out. A good way to learn that lesson though… you will never forget that. Congrats!