Best Twitter Feed Stack

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Is there a favorite twitter feed stack out there?

I want my client to be able to add News via twitter to RW site

(Michael Frankland) #2

@Figory you can switch off all the others so just Twitter with Wall:

It will look like this (this is just Instagram for example):

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Hi there

That looks mighty fine ! Thank you.

I’ll give it a try. (Rats ! Just when my yuzool subscription ran out ! )

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Hi Michael. (Or anyone with wall stack knowledge)

I have added the wall stack to a Foundry Page, It works perfectly except that it creates a huge white space below. I have tested it on a blank Foundry page and same huge white space created. Do you have any idea how I can get rid of this space?

(Dave Hughes) #5

An alternative is just to put the twitter code snippet in an HTML stack. Really easy to do; instructions are here:

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Thanks. I’ll try this, sadly it looks as though the wall stack is not compatible with Foundry

(Michael Frankland) #7

Just back from a trip away and checked this straight away on my computer…

It didn’t need a fix - just add the “jquery” option in the Stack and it works in Foundry - so there was never an issue I’m afraid :frowning:

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Welcome back!

Sadly not on my project ! I tried it every which way when I bought it a few weeks ago.
No luck. I created a page with no other stacks on it incase of stack conflict but still no luck.

The creator of Foundry took a look and said this "My guess is that he needs jQuery v3.3.1 for his stack, which he’s including in the stack itself, and the Foundry is loading its own jQuery version, which is coming directly from the Stacks plugin, that I load at the bottom of the page. Mine is overriding his likely and if he needs v.3.3.1 then that is a problem.

I know you don’t usually issue refunds and usually I wouldn’t ask. But Wall is $29. I only use Foundry these days. So it is very unlikely I will ever get to use it.

(Michael Frankland) #9

Send me the RW Foundry project via my PM link just sent and will take a look - but it is working with Foundry :slight_smile:

I’ve seen other uses verify it also so not sure why not on your test site

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Oh God sorry what PM link?

I dont seem to be able to. All my email; contactys for you no longer work.

I have just added wall back to the project. Have been trying to make it work for a month now!

To be clear … it works but creates a lot of white space below.

See it here

I’d be grateful if you could resend a PM or some way that I can send the file to you.

(Michael Frankland) #11

Thanks - just sent you a message :slight_smile:

To hide the whitespace on that project use this CSS for the project:

#wall {
min-height: auto;


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