Best way to centralize common code - as @stash used to do

(Mark Sealey) #1

I used to use @stash; I know there’s a beta for RW 6.

But is there a better/updated way now to centralize common code - especially JavaScript and CSS, please?


(Markus Frieauff ) #2

oh, is there a beta for RW6? Didn’t know that. Where can I find it?

(Markus Frieauff ) #3

Ah, ne’ermind, just found it:

(Mark Sealey) #4

Yes - I’m also using that beta.

But I can’t ever get it to work with the syntax:


Nilrog has been a stalwart for years; thanks! And obviously works hard on this whenever he can.

But I’m hoping for something more streamlined now - in keeping with the style of RW6