Blank website despite proper publishing

When publishing a new very simple website on a new domain with just a text (Foundry) the life page displays empty. (News version of RW)
Despite I can see by ftp that files were published (FileZilla) to the server.
My other website which was published month ago is still working properly at the same provider

Can you provide a URL for us to check? Almost impossible to advise without one.

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If you could provide some url’s to look at that would be useful, also a screenshot of your project/page that is showing issues. The more details the more likely someone here will be able to tell you how to fix it.

I’m sure it’s nothing serious and we’ll be able to get you back up and running!

The strange situation is, that a simple index file (Hallo World) will be displayed when uploaded to the website

I’m wondering if you’ve published your new site to the wrong folder. I’ve viewed the source to the page, and it’s blank (i.e not generated by RapidWeaver).


I’d check with your host that the files you published are are in the right location on the server.

Does that help point you in the right direct?

But RW shows no error when publishing

If you download the “index.html” file from the server (where you uploaded it), does it have content in it? If yes, then it may just be a hosting issue.

You could also try exporting the website locally (check it works), then manually upload it using something like Transmit. It would help narrow down where the issue lies.

I’d also contact your hosting company for help as they will be able to access your server and see what’s going on.


Thank you. The ideas to narrow down stepwise will be helpful.

One thought. The default Rapidweaver page type is .html. However, many themes and plugins change the page type to .php to enable additional capabilities.

If you’re publishing a .php page but already have an .html page on the server, the browser will render the .html page. Check if you have .php and .html pages on the server. If you do, delete the .html page.


Thank you. i will check. But I do not think so as it is the initial publishing which does not work

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