Blocked by host

(Gregory Barchard) #21

It’s not secure vs. insecure. It’s a total different sub-system both within RW and your host. Try SFTP instead of FTPS :slight_smile:

(Andy Heron) #22

Very interesting comment. Being an retired hobbyist as far as web-design etc is concerned I was not aware of the difference. If my host does not provide this - just sent them a ticket asking about this.

They do have SFTP access. However, I see that the publishing settings require that I have a private and a public key. I take it I need to generate them from cPanel. This is becoming complicated.

Enough for today.

All the best


(Andy Heron) #23

Thanks for the information. Just enquired if this service is available.

(Nick Wilcox-Brown) #24

You are not using Fasthosts are you? They closed me down a few years back for similar. Their problem ultimately as I took a huge stack of sites to another friendly provider :wink:

(Andy Heron) #25

I am not using Fasthosts. I am using Jolt. They have given me a port for SFTP. RapidWeaver connects - but won’t upload files. It looks like I will need security certificates. However, I am using RapidWeaver to create the website into a local folder, and then using Coda 2 to transfer the files. Not used Coda 2 for a long while, but it seems to work fine.

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