Blocked by host

It’s not secure vs. insecure. It’s a total different sub-system both within RW and your host. Try SFTP instead of FTPS :slight_smile:

Very interesting comment. Being an retired hobbyist as far as web-design etc is concerned I was not aware of the difference. If my host does not provide this - just sent them a ticket asking about this.

They do have SFTP access. However, I see that the publishing settings require that I have a private and a public key. I take it I need to generate them from cPanel. This is becoming complicated.

Enough for today.

All the best


Thanks for the information. Just enquired if this service is available.

You are not using Fasthosts are you? They closed me down a few years back for similar. Their problem ultimately as I took a huge stack of sites to another friendly provider :wink:

I am not using Fasthosts. I am using Jolt. They have given me a port for SFTP. RapidWeaver connects - but won’t upload files. It looks like I will need security certificates. However, I am using RapidWeaver to create the website into a local folder, and then using Coda 2 to transfer the files. Not used Coda 2 for a long while, but it seems to work fine.

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