FTP headaches from provider

I was having a problem publishing a site (767 folders). It would error out and my IP would be blocked. I would clear my IP and try it a few times. It would abort 351 to 410 folders.

I contacted my hosting site requesting the max connections be increased. I was sent back a note saying that it could not be increased and that I should trying to send up the files in 100 increments. Beside getting a new provider or doing it manually, is there a way of getting out of this problem?

This page (particularly the section, ‘Check for Limits on Concurrent Connections’) may help. Good luck!

You didn’t mention the host company, do they offer SFTP as an option? That’s usually much more reliable as it does a lot less “handshaking” and that’s usually were failures happen.

If they don’t offer SFTP, then I would change hosting companies. FTP is unacceptable from a security risk. All credentials including password are sent in the clear.
Without any more information like the error message that you’re receiving and publishing settings it’s going to be difficult to get help.

The page you are referring to states that I can lower the max connections in RW7. I have RW8 and I cannot find where you would find this setting.

Check for Limits on Concurrent Connections

If your host limits the number of connections which can be made to your server, you can set RapidWeaver 7 to use a smaller number of connections when publishing.

Go to ‘Publishing’ under ‘Settings’ in the Sidebar. ‘Connections’ top right.

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