Rapidweaver faied to load plugins

The message I get now is;
Accordion: Couldn’t obtain plugin principal class

Blocks: Couldn’t obtain plugin principal class

Collage2: Couldn’t obtain plugin principal class

Flow: Couldn’t obtain plugin principal class

Would you like to check for updates? I ask to check for updates and get the same error.
I use Catalina OSX
Is there a fix being worked on to complete my Blocks so it works, as I believe it, in 64bit?

That might be the issue. Catalina is a beta version MacOS. Looks like all the plugins you mention are from YourHead, @isaiah?

Catalina introduced new requirements for plugins. And unfortunately gave us very little time to respond to these things. And, just to add a bit of fun to the mix, end-of-lifed ALL of my macs

yes all five machines – backup server, build server, and 3 daily use machines fell behind the curve. I knew it would happen eventually – they’re all getting quite old – however I was a bit surprised they all went in one fell swoop. Ouch – my bank account hurts already.

That said, I am now catching up. You may have noticed a few days ago I posted about our first successful Catalina notarizations. It is, of course Stacks – which is our number one priority. Both release version and beta version of Stacks are working great in Catalina now. And since this tweet I’ve integrated Catalina notarization to the build server which should get all updates notarized as they’re being posted.


We expect to have all plugins notarized for Catalina before Catalina ships, but it will require rebuilding of many – a process that will take months, not weeks I’m afraid.

So for the time being I would not recommend running Catalina if you depend on RapidWeaver plugins other than Stacks.



Just as I thought.
I am not developing any new web sites at present and will wait for updated plug-ins or use Mojave if I need to.
Catalina will not let 32bit apps work anymore.
Thanks for your reply.

It’s true that the plug-ins listed above currently won’t work with the beta of Catalina.

But just to make it clear for others reading this that’s got nothing to do with 32bit as they are not 32bit. It’s more a part of the new Catalina’s “gatekeeper” function dealing with Apples continuing effort to Lockdown MacOS.

Thank you for the clarification.
Seems to me that Apple are aiming the way of Micro-rippoff-soft. Shame really, good OS otherwise.
Making headaches for the developers.
Even after making the security and privacy open to non App Store vendors, it still will not accept some Stacks blocks.
Not to worry, I am not developing web sites at present.

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