Blog& CMS made super easy - RapidTemplate 5 available now

Check out our latest RapidTemplate number 5 at Webdeersign RapidTemplate5 and new T5 video on our YouTube Video Channel. Available now for $20 when you use code PADDY.

This is a basic single page SectionsPro site that includes 10 pages in total. Each page is 100% full screen with optimised background images. It is based around the amazing PulseCMS and unstacks PulseCMS stacks. Every page image, text, gallery, slider and Drop Zone download is configured with PulseCMS. In addition there is a contact form and newsletter signup also implemented with PulseCMS. As there is no database to setup, installing PulseCMS is super easy and takes only a few minutes and all the image and text, blog and drop zone contents are included in the Template. There is no easier way to get up and running with a RapidWeaver blog and full CMS installation. Also used a demo is the inStacks Gallery3 configured as a CMS gallery which is ideal for professional photographers or artists who need full control to add, remove and edit photos.

Why PulseCMS? The answer is easy. There is nothing else like PulseCMS that offers such an easy setup and ease of use, and also for the current PulseCMS license (under $30) there is no other solution that offers as much. It offers a pre styled blog that needs no further styling to make it look good (as used on our blog), CMS image, gallery and slider included, a full featured contact form, newsletter signup and Drop Zone capability for downloading customer files such as updated PDF or zip files. In addition, there is full integration with inStacks Gallery3 which is configured in 3 of the many gallery/lightbox configurations in Template5. Once the few minutes are spent editing a few words and loading up the PulseCMS folder, everything is done and no further admin pages need to be built. You can also use the PulseCMS App to make logging-in a breeze and the interface can be branded to use a customer’s colours and logos. With over 4000 PulseCMS blogs already out there, PulseCMS is a mature and well supported platform. As a developer, it is very attractive to see the growing developer support and how easy it is to work with.

Use Template5 to get up and running quickly with a fully configured CMS and Blog solution. Use it to build your own design and add more pages or content as needed. If you are new to RapidWeaver or Blogs and CMS, this is a great way to jump into a complete working solution. If you are a seasoned professional using Foundation stacks, then Template5 is a great fit and time saver. Template5 is FontPro and Vault ready.

The requirements are RW6 or 7, Stacks3, a free blank theme, some free “donationware” stacks from BWD & S4S. You will need a PulseCMS license and when you download the free unstacks PulseCMS stacks you will get 25% off PulseCMS making the price under $30 - how good is that? If you want to build a killer gallery you will also need inStacks Gallery3 but alternatively you could use the inbuilt gallery that PulseCMS comes with. As with all of the Webdeersign RapidTemplates, the fully PADDY stacks suite is included together with the full CMS & Blog content, a warehouse folder of all images used and plenty of documentation and a customer login area with an additional PulseCMS guide.


:tada: Congratulations on the release @webdeer - looks a gorgeous design and brings a lot to RapidWeavers :rocket::zap:


There is also an introduction video to go with this Template 5 -


@webdeer Just watching your video, and it blows my mind. So good. Thanks for recording! :zap:

Template5 update.

I have added an extra page to Template5 called Gallery4, which shows the default setting inbuilt PulseCMS gallery and lightbox which you can see here at The thumbnail size and lightbox image size are set within the PulseCMS settings.

Also inStacks are offering a 20% discount off their Gallery3 (including Photostream) and a code to use on the inStacks purchase page, is now included in the Template5 download.


Has this template been update to Pulse v5 ?

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Might want to use the contact form, as Gary is not on this forum any longer:

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