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Free Pulse CMS Integration Stack for RapidWeaver

Yuzoolthemes and inStacks Software joined forces to bring the next CMS Star into the RapidWeaver Universe. Pulse CMS is the flat-file CMS of choice for over 4,000 developers and agencies worldwide. There’s no database needed to power this CMS. Pulse CMS Stack lets you integrate Pulse CMS 4.x into RapidWeaver. It is possible to integrate:

  • A full featured blog
  • Blocks (include texts from WYSIWYG or Markdown editor, including drag and drop image support)
  • Contact forms
  • Photo galleries and sliders
  • Single images

In addition, a special integration with Gallery Stack 3 is available.

  • Even more awesome photo galleries and slideshows
  • Photo galleries inside blog posts

Pulse CMS Stack works best with responsive themes and is 100% Foundation compatible.
Stay tuned for more integration stacks and RapidWeaver project templates in the next weeks.

Download Pulse CMS Stack here, and enjoy a 25% discount (exclusive to RapidWeaver users) for Pulse CMS. This will be sent by email after downloading the free Pulse CMS Stack.

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This is a co-innovation project brought to you by @gille (Initial stack idea and graphics), @yuzool (Pulse CMS owner), @RapidBase (continuous feedback and testing), and @instacks (Stack development). Thanks all involved persons!


Very glad that it’s finally there! :slight_smile: So, get Pulse CMS, get the free Pulse CMS Stacks (if you want to do you a favor also get the great Gallery 3 stack) and you’re good to go…


I’m so happy it’s here too :palm_tree::tada:

There’s been so many requests for this and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t have done it without @instacks, @gille and @RapidBase support and patience :stuck_out_tongue:

This really is an amazing Stack suite by Jannis and it opens up the doors for huge potential.

Looking at his first video you can see him adding Gallery Stack 3 and @Elixir Animagic Stacks… just shows you the power and flexibility in this Pulse integration.

More Stacks and Pulse specific Foundation projects will no doubt sprout up over the coming weeks + months. Exciting times to be a weaver!

RapidWeaver + Pulse CMS + Any theme & Stacks = Successful Freelance Web Business + Happy Clients

Make money and look good doing it :sunglasses::moneybag:

Happy Pulse Weaving!


It should also be noted that @barchard has released an amazing one-click installation from the Chillidog hosting dashboard.

So if you are a Chillidog hosting customer (or are looking for hosting)…

  1. Download the Stacks --> http://instacks.com/pulsecmsstack/
  2. Buy a license at the special RapidWeavers price --> (sent via email from download in step 1 above)
  3. Launch automatic Pulse CMS installer in Chillidog —> https://www.chillidoghosting.com/
  4. Profit

Installation is easy as you can see from @instacks second video (takes 3 minutes…) but Chillidog’s process is nice and streamlined from the user account dashboard.


Just watched the 3 minute CMS setup video and must say I am impressed. It is always impressive to see something setup so quickly and easily.


Yeah, pretty straight forward, thanks to simplicity of @yuzool 's Pulse CMS.

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Is Pulse able to produce card layouts and/or masonry layouts for the blog? If it does, are you able to easily place buttons on the cards themselves? I have a site that has a card layout, but needs buttons (or similar) to show a price and the site it comes from with a link to that site. I can do it in my current cms but only with code.

It would also be nice to be able to override the settings so that clicking on the card would take it directly to that site.

We are working on this kind of layout.

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Hey Jannis, I noticed a new ecommerce stack with the latest update. Any details on how that works? Or is it forthcoming and I am stepping on the punchline.


No, you are fine. I was not able to write documentation for that. Too many updates in the last days :slight_smile:

Shoot me an email, I have something for you for Snipcart :stuck_out_tongue:



Awesome. I’ll do that. I haven’t had a chance to get back at that site I was asking for help on but hopefully this weekend I’ll give it another shot. Lots of exciting stuff in the RW world these days!

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Thanks Jannis. I look forward to it.

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A lot of interesting stuff happening with PulseCMS. Well worth watching.


Took a brief look at their website. Most interested in the file download/delivery function, but seems like it doesn’t handle raw Word and PowerPoint files, which are most important in my business. Zipping is an easy workaround, but hate adding tasks for clients.

Would really like to see an upgrade of weaverFM, as a stack that works with Foundation, but seems like that’s been dormant for years.

I doubt that word/excel file do not work…

By default it won’t work which is exactly the security that you need in place. However, if you add docx or doc to the Pulse config file, then you can certainly upload a Word file.


Thanks Jannis and Gary for the super-quick responses, which I was surprised and happy to read when I woke up in Japan this morning.

So I’m assuming that by simply modifying the config file the system can handle any type of file, including Pages and Keynote. Cool. But I’m a bit unclear about how security is an issue, since I’m guessing that’s mainly handled by the login/password requirement for entering each user’s “area.”

As another probably stupid Q, would incorporating Pulse in a Foundation-based site allow the user area appearance (header, background) and blog page to be formatted to some extent by the Foundation Styles stack?

Anyway, hope to look further into Pulse.


Yes. Just edit the config.php. Some may be concerned about possible macros in Word/Excel documents.

Pulse CMS Stacks works flawlessly with Foundation or Foundry. There is a Header Stack to incorporate images stared in Pulse CMS as header, an da Styler Stack to reference Foundation Site Styles or Foundry Control Center defined colors.

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I used the term “security” in the sense of protecting the type of files that can be uploaded. In a CMS system this is really important because users are only human, i.e they will do stupid things. E.g. by mistake they will try and load a favourite 200Mb Ladyboy video when they should be following the instruction to upload a timetable or menu. By specifying the type of files that are permissible, you can control this from the config file.

The Pulse Admin area is of course password protected with a password you specify.

Thanks for the quick and positive responses guys! Plan on diving into Pulse during one of Japan’s upcoming 3-day weekends (got a time-demanding day job).

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