Blog plug-in crashes during the publishing process?!

Perhaps @dan could step in here to help you out since you seem to have been waiting quite some time.

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Hey Frank! Thanks for pinging me. This isn’t an issue I’ve seen before, so appreciate your patience as we try to figure it out. I’ve got another pair of eyes looking at them now and may need some additional info from you soon.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

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Hello @UltimateJim,

We’ve been looking into this and it looks like it’s a bug in the blog plugin. It occurs when you switch to “Custom RSS Tags” and check the “Override default Podcast settings” and leave
the “Size” or “Type” fields empty. This results in the publishing engine crashing.

For now, don’t override the settings, or fill in the size and type. This should resolve the issue.
We’ll make sure this is fixed in the next release of RapidWeaver 8.x

Let me know if that works for you.

So sorry for the delay, it was a tricky one to track down.




Glad you found the bug. Since I can’t export and publish like this, I’m waiting for the update. Thank You!

@UltimateJim RapidWeaver 8.9.2 has just been released, check for updates!

This should fix your issue.



Great, now everything is working as it should!

That’s excellent news!!!

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