Small change lead to upload of 815 files! wtf!

Anyone have any idea why my small site would want to upload 815 files after I made a small change on one page.
I have a relatively slow connection due to country living and this means an all night upload.
What is going on please???

Was it a blog page?

You can also right click and publish single pages from the left hand page pane. Also, you can also output to local folder then use ftp to upload. (I don’t trust “smart” publishing myself, but that is just me. I use ftp because I like to see what is going on BEFORE I start to upload.)

I see that quite often too… Not at every new minor release or RW7, but almost systematically… The blog posts exhibit this behavior almost all the time nowadays…

Does blog still give you the option use Dynamic PHP sidebar? That would help the publishing issue. If you use the PHP sidebar every blog page does not have to publish (page 48,49 of RW Manual). Disclaimer: It’s been a while since I used the Blog plugin and I have not kept up with it’s options.

(I gave up Blog and now have a “pseudo blog” made from stacks. Sidebar is done with a php include. The blog gave me too many problems.)

I thought so too, but this happens even with Dynamic PHP on (which is the default). In theory this should be what the Dynamic PHP Sidebar should be for, but it’s not the case in practice… It’s been misbehaving sine RW 6, not at every minor release, but quite often…

Hey Greg,

I’m curious how you built your “pseudo blog” with stacks. I’m trying to do something like that but have no idea how to do the sidebar.



I could do it as we simply use an Alphabetical List (Sitemap plus) for our “blog” reports… We don’t use archives or categories. That is really the only reason I can do so.

So I just have my daily main articles plus my “index” page that I do manually (Stacks3) very similar to the blog. (Shows the latest seven reports.)

I had 800 blog pages that I “shelved” (I make no changes to those pags) and I setup a php include in the sidebar of those which is the same as the sidebar php include in my new stacks pages. So though “shelved” when I change my php sidebar for the new pages the old blog pages update also.

Getting rid of “shelved” blog pages entirely…
I am setting up a macro right now (Keyboard Maestro) to help me “convert” my blog pages to Stacks pages and I’m having some success doing that, so I hope to soon have all my past blog pages into stacks pages soon… The macro is basically duplicating a “template” page and populating it by doing lots of copy/pastes from my blog plug-in into the new stacks “template.”

Let me know if you have any questions…

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@1611mac… not a blog Greg.
It was a simple page that has some php calls to a database and I added a field to a form.
Most of my sites are db driven… guess I’m old school :slight_smile:
And I use the php include function to avoid republishing my page for small changes. Alas this page was not set up that way.


Lance, I guess I’m old school too because I’d love to be php/database driven with this site

Yeah and sadly the only real set of stacks that helps with db driven sites is StackApps and the developer stopped support in 2014.
There are so many great developers and so many great stacks but most deal with aesthetics… must be where the bucks are :slight_smile:

I have now been asked to build a site using wordpress so it will be interesting to compare RW and WP.

I once “housed” a web Store and site in a Filemaker Pro database. Had a field for each piece of item info plus web page info (meta data, paths, product descripton, thumbnail, etc) and I could “output” then upload an html file (or hundreds) at the click of a button as the db also housed the html template code. This allowed any number of data entry and reporting screens with data viewable in any way I could envision. This is going back to the very early days of e-commerce and cart systems were few and lackluster as well as web design tools.

It gets better: I added one space, ONE character, and I ended up uploading 913 files?!?!?!?

Not to mention publishing that seems INCAPABLE of negotiating the last file (out of 300+) upload and therefore fail… This is getting ridiculous!!!

I just removed a full stop from a text stack (I had duplicated the full stop - …). RW uploaded 116 files. Weird

Removing one space from one blog page uploads 416 files :slight_smile: