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Have had my blog on wordpress for years and want to bring it onto my website. Any thoughts on which is better/pro & cons of using the built in RW blog pages vs TCMS (which I know nothing about except that its good for blogs!)… I’m using Foundation 6 stacks.

Any views appreciated. Thanks

TCMS is great for site-wide CMS and blogging, but unless you want your entire site editable online it may be overkill at the price.

If that’s the case, I’d take a look at instack’s poster stack

I doubt if there is any easy way to import your old blogs however, so If you are happy with your WordPress blog as is, you could add it as a WordPress subdomain to your RW website and make it a similar style. I have done this on a few occasions and it works well. For example, see and click on the News > News Items and Hot Topics links. Both are Wordpress blogs on sub domains.

Finally, how about looking at Yabdab’s WordPress stack:


Thank you - thats useful and has given me some food for thought

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Do you need to have remote (outside of Rapid Weaver) posting?

I wouldn’t use the built-in Blog, but Poster Stack mentioned above is fantastic. It’s easy to learn and easy to use. It’s got away to do remote posting, but it’s not great, for that.

Totalcms might be overkill. It’s powerful but with all that comes a learning curve.


No don’t need remote ability to post, so looks like Poster Stack is the way to go for me - don’t fancy another steep learning curve for TCMS after Foundation 6 anyway :):crazy_face:


If you have an existing Wordpress blog than Yabdab’s Wordpress stack could be something to look into

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Thank you - will have a look at that

Jannis (@instacks), has an offer to import your Wordpress to Poster.

Here a link to that:


oooh that looks very useful - thank you

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