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(Konstantijn Van Calster) #62

Good point, it would be an interesting feature yes, in fact.

(steve bee) #63

I’m a little out of the loop on Booking stack, so, I’m building a spin class website, can I…

  1. Designate the time slots of the spin classes and so when bookings can be taken?
  2. Specify how many bookings can be taken in any time slot?
  3. Link for payment?
  4. Get free beer for life?


(Michael Frankland) #64

Hey @SteveB!

  1. Yes
  2. Not yet… but you can select what times are not available - as 1.
  3. Yes - you can redirect on success submission to a payment page such as Checkout Stack
  4. Haha - that would be nice. Cheers :beers:

(Simon) #65

Hi Michael,

What’s the progress on users being able to update?

I’m designing a website that requires booking. But the end user needs to be able to see the bookings and also be able to add unavailable days/times to the booking.

Is this possible?

(Michael Frankland) #66

Thanks @svsmailus - users can see the bookings made by going to their online admin screen - but the unavailability can only be set in RW. So if your client is not using RW they won’t be able to that yet I’m afraid.