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(Ryan Howrish) #67

Good morning,

I purchased the booking stack this morning to use to block time slots for a taekwondo school portrait day. I’ve got it set up and published but am unable to get the stack to automatically block out times that are already booked. I’ve created a booking on Sunday May 27 at 11am but a new user is still able to select that date and time from the drop downs but then receive the notification the time slot is already booked. How do I make it so that time on that day is greyed out or not selectable at all?

(Ryan Howrish) #68

Can anyone help me understand why this entry (or any other entry) in the time ranges entry box (copied from the documentation and updated the times) causes the calendar to stop working and the stack to ignore the duration and min/max times?


(Michael Frankland) #69

Thanks for reaching out on Twitter @howie013

Can you just double check that’s not curly quotes in there?

(Ryan Howrish) #70

I managed to get it to work for me. I think the formatting in documentation may be wrong. The second example is [‘3:30pm’, ‘5:16pm’]. Is it possible the colon in the 5:16 was causing issues?

One other question/idea - is it possible to limit the booked times to a specific day? If not, it would be nice to have the option to set the booking stack up for a specific day (e.g. single day events, mini photo sessions, etc.) or limit the booked/busy times to specific days.

If the stack could dynamically change the formatting of booked times and not allow them to be selected in the dropdown menu that would be great! Thanks.

(Michael Frankland) #71

Yes - you can switch off the time time setting in the Stack settings and it will be just for day bookings (near “time interval” in the Stack)

Yes - at the moment it’s a manual update and republish in Rapidweaver but we’re hoping to get that into a future update.

Adding a google calendar under the form with times booked is working well so far for some users doing that.