Booking Stack - Yuzool

(Michael Frankland) #109

We’re testing and should have a BETA out to you in coming days :slight_smile:

(Sefa Pekelli) #110

:+1: Super

(Michael Frankland) #111

Thanks to @HotDrive and @jasperkok for working with me on this and testing the BETA, we now have an update for all sent via email and RW in-app update:

Thanks :heart_eyes:

(Sefa Pekelli) #112

Thx Michael, just test the update. All works now fine :grinning:

Thanks for the great support :+1:

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #113

Great update (1.5.7) Michael :slightly_smiling_face:

(Sefa Pekelli) #114

My wish for the next update :wink:

Enable MinMax Day (same as MinMaxTime)
Add a Start and End day (entry of fixed days) for the booking selection. :sunglasses:


(Tyler Coleman) #115

Hey Michael!

I’m testing out the Booking Stack (again). The email notifications work perfectly now! However, I noticed a bug of sorts- I’m testing out duplicate bookings on the same date and time (to verify that a user can’t book a date/time that’s already booked by someone else). The error message works perfectly and does not allow me to make a duplicate booking. BUT, when I made a duplicate booking (with different credentials- name, email, etc), the proper error message came up but it still sent a booking notification email even though the duplicate booking was never saved. Is it possible to simply not send email notifications for EVERY booking form submission? Even though it’s properly displaying the “existing booking” error for the user, it still sends a booking email for the attempted submission.


Anyone using the booking stack by Yuzool?
(Michael Frankland) #116

Interesting @manuvmusic!

The email notifications work perfectly now!

Great :star_struck:

The error message works perfectly and does not allow me to make a duplicate booking

Great :star_struck:

Is it possible to simply not send email notifications for EVERY booking form submission?

Absolutely yes. Will look into this and get it into the next round of updates for this Stack. Thanks for reporting it, appreciate that.

(Michael Frankland) #117

Just going to private message you a BETA update @manuvmusic that hopefully has an improvement for this :slight_smile: If it works out then we can release it!

Let me know.

(Tyler Coleman) #118

Awesome! Will download and test today/tomorrow.

Thank you!

(Michael Frankland) #119

Thanks to @manuvmusic for his excellent suggestions and diligent testing we now have a new version of Booking Stack out today (1.5.9):


  • Allow more time step intervals. E.g. 180mins would allow bookings for 3 hour slots.
  • Ships with demo project


  • Improved email notifications - only sends if booking is made successfully.


  • Fixed preview bug with SMTP enabled


  • Redirecting works, the “Sorry” message for an existing booked day works, notifications work, email receipts work, and SMTP works

More updates on the way soon and thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #120

Great update, thanks Michael :slightly_smiling_face:

(robertreinink) #121

Awesome, this is becoming a real and usable booking system. :+1:

(Michael Frankland) #122

Thanks to all the great feedback and testing from RW community :heart_eyes:
Have a great weekend everyone!

(Andy D) #123

Hi Michael, can you please add the ability to view bookings via a calendar? I will buy it then.:slight_smile: cheers

(Michael Frankland) #124

Thanks @A.D.STUDIO - that’s been requested and on the list :slight_smile:
Not super easy to do but always exploring this

In the meantime users who use GCal have embedded a calendar next to their form to show the “unavailable days”

(Andy D) #125

Thanks for the info. I’m sure you can do it!

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #126

Hi Michael, that would be indeed a great update. Making the Booking Stack even more powerful, as always most of your stacks are excellent and your custom service (feature request) 10/10 :slightly_smiling_face:

(Adriano ) #127


Hello everybody,

I finally set up the booking stack on one of my pages.

I registered my domain on the Google’s link Yuzool put on his stack sheet’s info.

I copied the Site Key into the stack, but when I preview an after publishing I get this message on the re-captcha icon

Is it maybe because I have’t put a snippet-code inside RW?


(Adriano ) #128

Hi @yuzool,

I can’t figure out this. How can I put the header inside the booking stack? Like the example from your site.