Booking Stack - Yuzool

(Michael Frankland) #129

Thanks @Adri12 - it was just a Heading Stack inside a 1 Column Stack:

The RW project is included in the Stack download - but I’ve just sent it to you again via DM :slight_smile:

See if that helps!

(Adriano ) #130


How could have I not think about this?. It’s always a learning curve :wink:

Thanks a lot !

(Scott Steven) #131

would be nice to have have Google Calendar integration

(Michael Frankland) #132

Ditto @scottsteven

At the moment you can import the calendar into Gcal via CSV:

Then ebed the calendar on your site. But a tighter integration has been requested and would like to add that in a future update!

(Scott Steven) #133

Thanks for the update. That’s what I have been doing with gDoc to get the calendar in with PlusKit that looks great. I just wanted to be able to update the calendar when a booking comes in. Right now we are working around this and posting bookings to the calendar when they come in manually. I always like to automate these things. As of right now this is fine the way it is it was just a thought.

(Michael Frankland) #134

Great feedback @scottsteven :slightly_smiling_face:
Automation is always great so will bear it in mind for the next round of updates

Glad it is working well in your current workflow!