Bootstrap 3 Page Header stack alternative


I’ve been using this Bootstrap 3 Page Header stack for titles, although I suspect it wasn’t meant for that in the first place.
As it is not compatible with the new version of the Flood theme I use, I’m wondering if there may be an alternative.
Here is how it looks, please look at the title “Drum Books by Alain Rieder” at this link

Is there any other stack that may give a close result or that may even be more flexible to lay out titles?

I don’t know if it will help you much, but because newer versions of Flood use Bootstrap v4, the free Bootiful stacks hosted here would possibly work for you in recreating some of these older elements.

I note from a quick web search that Bootstrap 4 discontinued the Page Header style:

The suggested code didn’t really work as expected for me. However this combination of HTML and some inline CSS I wrote worked fine:

<div style="border-bottom: #cccccc 1px solid;">
  <h2 style="display:inline; font-weight: bold;">Drum Books</h2> <small style="font-weight: bold;">by Alain Rieder</small>

Resulting in:


Feel free to adjust accordingly.

Thank you very much Will, I had downloaded the Bootstrap v4 stacks from your site already!
I liked this discontinued stack, but what you came out with is close enough!

Thanks again!

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