RapidWeaver Community Add-ons Like Button

(Varied Team Members) #1

Hello RapidWeaver Community… Could someone direct me to where in the RapidWeaver Community site the Liked Add-ons can be found? Doing some research and want to start a collection of Stacks that I am interested in. This feature works with the videos as the Videos dropdown menu has a selection for Favorites but can’t find where this is for Add-ons.


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

If you use Foundation, you can add font awesome heart icon in front of the word in the button stack. That will give you the same look. If you want the action, not sure there is one out there, but I could be wrong.

(Varied Team Members) #3

Hello Robert… Thank you for that, good tip, but I am actually trying to find the Favorites functionality on the RapidWeaver site to aid me in my research. It does not seem to exist.


(Brad Halstead) #4


It hasn’t been baked into the website yet, don’t know if it is a planned item or not but you can submit your feature request to support@realmacsoftware.com.


(Varied Team Members) #5

Thank you for clarifying that Brad, much appreciated.


(ben) #6

Hi Dave,

as Brad said, you can’t view a list of addons you have favourited on the RapidWeaver Community website, yet!

I’ve had it on my todo list for a while, so I’ll try and and get an “Addons Favourite” page online before Christmas :smile:


(Varied Team Members) #7

Thank you Ben… Most appreciated. Just out of curiosity, is the Addons and Video area built using RapidWeaver?


(ben) #8

No, the Community site isn’t built with RapidWeaver, because the complexity required was beyond the scope of what RW can offer.

(Varied Team Members) #9

Hi Ben… Love this overall community site, have been using it a lot as I am digging deep into all things RapidWeaver. Watched all videos in the series, listened to almost every podcast and checked out tons of stacks and add-ons, and had some great conversations with some very nice people here on the forum.

Regarding the Add-on Favorites feature, any news as to when it will be active, it would really be helpful?

Kind Regards,

P.S. you have been making a call to developers to bring all their products and discussions into this community, I just want to say as someone who is new to it, I could not agree more. What you are doing here is so helpful, I have had to jump out at times because something was not here and it is not nearly as convenient.

(ben) #10

Hopefully within the next couple of weeks — but I’ve got a couple of other behind-the-scenes things to finish up first.

Sorry for the slow reply btw. I missed this what with the xmas/new year’s holiday.