Can Ecwid Be Integrated into a self made website. without including ready made themes

(Johannes Hart) #1

Can your Ecwid Store be integrated with your “Foundry”, “Foundation” or other Self Development theme other than the ready made theme. When I add Ecwid on my site there are no elements related to the site I made through Foundry.

(Pete Northfield) #2

Yes it can, you need to take the html code from ecwid and put it into an html stack

you can see ecwid store with Foundry here :

(Johannes Hart) #3

Ok, But where do I Go in Ecwid to copy that Code?. Not sure where to go.
I wish they had promoted a video that shows you what to do.

(Neil Egginton) #4

This might help?

(Pete Northfield) #5

Once you have signed into Ecwid , you go to Create my Online Store, yes I have a website and then other platform.

You then have the html code to copy and paste for each section, Products, categories, minim cart and search, if you put each code into the standard html stack where you want each item it will show up where you have put them

Hope this helps


(Johannes Hart) #6

Awesome! Thank You. One Last thing, Does Rapid Weaver Has a HTML Stack, I can download? or I dont have to use any stack?

Thank again!!

(scott williams) #7

the html stack comes free with the Stacks Plug in

(Johannes Hart) #8

Thank you so much. Really Appreciate.

(Adrian Brookes) #9

So the “stack” is just another work for object? Is that how to visualize what a stack is?

(system) #10

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