Can I disable updates on a specific stacks?

Hello everyone, I ask a question: can I make sure that a stacks is not updated?
In practice I have the stacks kalendar v. 2.0.5 (Weavium) which works perfectly with 3 iCal calendars, and every time there is an update it also updates me kalendar, we have arrived at v 2.4.1, and unfortunately the only version that works perfectly with iCal is the v 2.0.5. So every time I publish, the calendars don’t work, I have to delete the Kalendar stacks, I saved v 2.0.5 and reinstall this. Republish and then everything works.

Can I disable updates on a specific stacks?

Thanks for the help.


Other than getting @weavium to fix the problem for you long term, I think your only method would be to go into the stack contents, open Info.plist and manually delete the SUFeedURL key / value pairing. Then that stack will no longer be able to check for updates.

But a word of warning, this latter method could potentially be risky. Only do it as a last resort if you have tried everything else first.


Instead of using the Update All button when updating your stacks, just update individual stacks, skipping over the Kalendar stack.

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thank you

Perfect, I did as you said. Kalendar now does not update.
Thank you.

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