Stack Updates Keep Returning

Recently after updating Joe Workman’s Impact stack (which installed correctly), the updater continues to advise of the same update every time I re-enter RW and load my project. I’m using RW Beta 8.1.5 (20654).

Are other stacks able to update?

If it’s just this one stack, then it may be that something about the stack installed on your system is preventing the new version from overwriting it. Perhaps some disk corruption?

I think I would try to delete the currently installed version, reinstall this stack from the original download you received from Joe and then running update from there.

You can find the stack to delete it by Ctrl-Clicking on it and choosing Show in Finder.

If you don’t have the original download from Joe, you should contact @joeworkman with your receipt info and ask for a new download link.

If all of your stacks are failing to update, then something more complicated is going on, but we will have to gather some more info from you before suggesting any solutions.


Since upgrading to this newest beta iteration, this stack update has been the first so far.

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