Kuler Edits stack disappears after updating

Anyone else experienced this?

Stack was marked as having an update available in the Stacks list. Updated it. Now it’s not available in the list of installed stacks. It is, however, listed in the Manage Addons window (though bizarrely my other two Kuler stacks aren’t).

Yet if I try to install the original version I bought it tells me there’s a new version already installed.


Are you using this with Stacks 3? The new plugins doesn’t work with stacks 2

Yep, still Stacks 2 here. That explains it. Thanks.

@robbeattie - you should probably report this bug to @gary . He can set the appcast so that it provides the new version only to Stacks 3 and this problem doesn’t happen.

That said, Stacks 3 – it’s awesome – give it a go. :wink:


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Having looked further it says quite clearly on Gary’s site that the update is S3 only. I’ll definitely be updating but at the moment I’m in the process of moving all my sites to RW6 and I think if I add another upgrade into the mix my head will explode. :sunglasses:

Wise choice. :thumbsup: I’d do the same.

Hi all,

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve spent the last two days driving to Chicago and then back to Louisiana … I just walked in the door …

A couple of things:

  1. Edits 2 is for Stacks 3 only … sorry
  2. If you still need Edits 1.2 and you updated to Edits 2 and you need to know where to look to get it … It should be in your trash can. Whenever you use Sparkle to update a stack or an app after the new one is downloaded and installed Mac OS X will automatically put the old version in your trash can.

If you accidentally deleted your trash can the just let me know and I will send you the latest version for Stacks 2 (1.2.4)

It is true that you should have never seen the update for Edits 2 if you were still using Stacks 2, but I have been unsuccessful in setting that up … I’m sure I will get it sorted this week … sorry for the inconvenience

Not to worry Gary. I’ve managed to find the original and installed that. When I upgrade to Stacks 3 I’ll do the upgrade and everything will be tickety-boo.