Can I remove files?

I updated a couple of plugins and a theme.
My RW sites show I need to update all of my pages.
When I try it logs into my site and begins the process.
Never finishes, just closes down my server and blocks my IP address.
No time machine back up.

Trying to fix problem and I noticed when I updated from RW5 to RW6…
I have two places with themes and add ons installed.
1st) Library/App Support/RapidWeaver/ … Full of plugins, themes, and stacks in folders
2nd)library/containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/data/library/application support/rapid weaver

Can I trash the 1st folder or are they somehow one in the same? Or recommended to keep both?

Hi, @kim,
When you upgrade, especially, from one old version of the app to another old version, a lot of things may go wrong. In complex situation like this one, try to give us a clear description with as many details as possible. Otherwise, it is very difficult to troubleshoot. And that’s why you got no replies in 4 days.

I would leave all those files alone, for now. When you get things sorted out – then you can think about deleting files. And remember to use backup for everything. That’s what Time Machine is for.