Can I use current RW with older version saves?

(Karen Darling) #1

I recently had my computer completely crash and I lost everything. I have my RW website saves on an external hard drive though. My question is: since I was using version 5, can I buy the new RW software and import my saved files into it & will it work?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

I think the latest version you needed was 5.4, when it was saved in that format, you should be able to import it in RW7.

But maybe others can join in.

It shouldn’t be a problem to get an older version of RW5 to get that sorted out…

(Doug Bennett) #3

Check out this KB:

There is a section on upgrading from 5. Step by step instructions.

(Karen Darling) #5

Thank you, that link was helpful. Since I lost all my plugins too, that link wasn’t clear about whether I can download older versions of those too? I am familiar with RW5 and dont really need or want the latest version.

(Doug Bennett) #6

In that post there should be a link to download the last version of 5 . I would download that (trial version) open your project up and see what plugins you have. Check the community site and check.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #7

You would have to check with each and every developer about this :frowning:

(Brian LaPan) #8

You can always download the latest version of RapidWeaver using this Link:

Older versions of RapidWeaver are available via the release notes: