Can no longer upload to my sites went unstable a few days ago and ever since I cannot upload to my sites. I have trouble downloading as well.
I thought maybe it was but they cannot find an issue. Firstly I removed my History File in both FireFox and Safari, no difference but I can see my FTP server if I use FileZilla or the test portion of Realmac but cannot adjust or upload to my sites. I then reinstalled an older version of Catalina thinking maybe the last update was faulty … wasn’t that.
I then thought maybe there is an issue with my Mac, so I used Filezilla and my PC and that still didn’t work.
No response from yet and it has been four hours.
Anyone know of a more reliable Server I can host my sites on please or is there an issue that I don’t know about?

It’s hard to say what might be going on.

What happens when you attempt to upload? Error message? locks up?

Not sure what you mean here? What are you trying to download?

Again I don’t understand what this means “I can see my FTP”?

Uploading times out.
Downloading is very slow to change pages.
If I use FileZilla and navigate to my server, I can see the list of sites and the FTP with the directory listing.
The error message I get is “Couldn’t upload to your FTP server”.
If I try again it instantly times out.
Pretty sure the server has an issue.

Could be, but maybe not. My guess is that you are using a shared server, and other folks on that server aren’t having the same issue.

FTP is an old and finicky protocol. You might want to try using SFTP, it’s secure and much more reliable.

You can post screenshots of your publishing settings and the error messages here on the forum and people will try to help you out.

There’s also this knowledge base you can go through all the steps and usually get things resolved.

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Found the issue; please see attached.

Great when the IP provider has less of a clue than the end user!
All sorted now by ignoring the warning and publishing now works again.
Thanks for the suggestions.

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