Crashes when Re-Publishing All Files - RapidWeaver 8

I have been using RapidWeaver for several years and have developed a very nice web site IMHO. I am currently using Version 8.6.2 on a iMac running High Sierra Version 10.13.6. When attempting to update a resource by selecting Re-Publish All Files, RapidWeaver begins the process but crashes at the end of the process, showing an error dialog saying “RapidWeaver quit unexpectedly.” My web site is now locked in its current state with no ability to update it. Any suggestions?

Have you tried to publish your site to a local folder?

My web site was previously saved to a local folder. If I try to save any changes to that folder, RapidWeaver crashes.

can you do a save on the project? ⌘Cmd+s

No. If I try to “Save As…” the applications crashes.

I believe I have at least found a work-around to update the specific document I was working with. By using the Transmit application, I can replace a single resource (document) and save it directly to my web site without using RapidWeaver. It requires a few minutes to take affect, but after checking the update with my browser - and viewing the web site using RapidWeaver - the updated document was there.

If you can’t save the project then you probably have a corrupted project file.

If you want to continue to use RW your going to need to address that. Yes you can use a stand alone FTP App like Transmit to update individual files, but any changes you make won’t be in sync with RW.

Hopefully you have a backup (Time Machine).

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