Purchasing Rapidweaver From Apple App Store

Has anyone paurchased Rapidweaver from the apple apps store? Are the 100’s of add ones mentioned on the App Store rapidweaver features included in the purchase price? I want to buy it to make a website that my clients can place their orders by just ticking on the products they want from the list of items we have available. We sell packages that consist of 10 or 15 0r 20 items. Will I be able to make such a website with Rapidweaver from the apple App Store, without having to pay for any extra add ones?


I believe that the App Store version is the same as what you buy directly from RealMac. You would still need to purchase all the plugins (like stacks) and addons separately.

The add-ons are from separate developers. It depends on what you want to sell. e-commerce is starting to get a little more expensive than it once might have been. There are lots of solutions, but they’re rarely simple.

Thanks for your response. I’m not a web developer or builder. I own a small business and I build my own website (I keep it simple). I’ve been using the HTML Egg Pro software and I pretty much managed to do everything I needed for my website. But I’ve recently discovered a few issues: 1) My website is not mobile friendly 2) My loads up slowly 3) Some pictures on my website appear stretched.

The ordering forms (which come standard with the software) worked well. My concern with Rapidweaver, is that I don’t understand what you can do with it without having to purchase any add ons. I believe the forms I’m referring to are “php” forms. Can I create “php’ forms with Rapidweaver without adding add ons?

Rapid Weaver becomes more powerful as you get more add-ons, but conversely more expensive.

It’s been a while but I doubt a basic install of Rapid Weaver has any kind of ordering form capability, unless you buy something. If you can post a link to your current site we could give you a better idea of what add-ons would work best. There is also MachForms, which can be integrated into any site, which could be worth looking at.

Run your site through an analysis site like pingdom (avoid Google Sitespeed as it’s not built for small sites) it can give you places to look to what could be slowing down your site like large images or slow web hosting.

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