Cannot publish after update to RW 7.5.5

(Ernst) #1

Just upgraded Rapid Weaver 7 to 7.5.5. but after that I cannot publish anymore. The publish button at the right top remains grey.
Has anybody a solution ?

(Julian Kettle) #2

I just upgraded to 7.5.5 and publishing is working fine for me.
I did a full site update due to a menu change and followed that later by a couple of page updates.

Sorry not much help for you…

(Don H) #3

I saw this once with 7.5.4. I closed the project, restarted RW and reopened the project and the button was normal again.

(Ernst) #4

Thanks, but I tried that and I even re-started my Mac. No result Publish
button remains grey.
And it looks like the publish settings are still the same as before.

(system) #5

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