Publish button greyed out

(Kevin Atkins) #1

Since the last RW update (7.1.4), the Publish button has become greyed out…

… and I can no longer us it to publish. Or do anything with it! I have to use either a keyboard shortcut, or use the file menu.

It’s a small thing, but annoying. Anyone else have this issue?

(Rob D) #2

Click on the Publish in Settings at the bottom of the left panel.

After you set up your publishing there, you will be able to use the Publish button in the upper right corner.

(Kevin Atkins) #3

Mmm… well, I checked it, and it’s all setup in the Publishing section.

I have noticed that it’s only in one project, though, so I’ll keep an eye open.


(Dave Farrants) #4

You do need to have a blue dot (changed page) showing for the publish button to light or do a ‘mark page (or pages) changed’.

(Kevin Atkins) #5

Yes indeed.

Still no button. It could be a corrupted doc, I suppose.

If I get time, I’ll see if I can rebuild … although it’s mucho pages!