Can't find rapidweaver in application support in library

When I right click in themes to view the theme content nothing happened. So I checked application support/rapidweaver in library and get a message ‘can’t find alias’ and there’s nothing there. I need to add some custom images to a theme banner but can’t.

Using latest version of El Capitan, Rapidweaver, Stacks 3. This problem developed back in Yosemite.

Any suggestions?



If you’re using Stacks 3, then you must be using RW 6, correct?

If so, then all RW6 add-ons are now located not in your home Library’s Application Support any more; but in the similarly-named subdirectory:

~/Library/ Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/Data/Library /Application Support/RapidWeaver

Good luck!

Fastest way to get to your addons is to open RapidWeaver, and then hold down command-option and push 7

Hi Barry,

Do note that if it’s a built in RapidWeaver theme you’ll want to make a copy of it before you can show the contents from within RapidWeaver and then alter them.

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Thanks guys for the help, however, unfortunately none of the answers really addressed my dilemma. I’m trying to right click on a theme after clicking ‘themes’ at the top of the RW window. I want to change/add some new banner images to a theme, but when I right click, I get the drop down window showing the option to ‘show theme contents’ among other things, but nothing happens when I click on it.

Anyone have an suggestions?

Thanks in advance, Barry


Just reread your advice about holding down command-option and the number 7. That does get you into addons/themes and then from there I can look at the contents of a theme and add/modify images there. Wonder why we can’t just right click like we used to be able to from within RW.

But at least I do what I want to now…

Thanks again,