Trying to edit friends website - how to transfer workable file?

I am using rapid weaver 6. The file extension I am used to seeing is .rw6

My friend is sending me a zip file with their workable file and when it is unzipped I am left with a folder that has a .rw extension that is just the name of the folder and not an extension so the computer recognizes the file type.

What version of RW is she using with the .rw file type as this is different then my .rw6 and how can one transfer / open a project of this type?

The .rw extension is an RW 7 file. Afaik it is not possible to open an .rw file with anything but RW 7.

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well that would explain it! Know of any current promotions? I see it’s $60 to upgrade. Just been procrastinating…

Just grabbed it. The program looks nice! - Whats the biggest difference?

Now you will have to make sure you have the same theme/add-ons as your friend used for the original site.

I think the biggest difference is you can automatically backup your project files as they are uploaded to your server. It can be a lifesaver!

The Realmac site has the improvements listed at the bottom.

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