Can't publish, don't understand on Rapidweaver

Can’t publish my website, don’t know how to do it at RapidWeaver (don’t know what they mean with publishing method, FTP, server, user name-password, path, mode, etc)…
Would dearly appreciate if somebody could sort me out.


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Thanks Ric,

Will have a look to it, hopefully I get it sorted out…

I hate manuals. I don’t read them if I can avoid them… maybe that’s a male thing… somebody close told me :slight_smile:

Ftp is a protocol (set of rules) used to transfer files from one destination to another – from your computer to a server (most likely a WebHotell)

Username and passwords are provided by your WebHotel provider (,, or… there’s a lot). Everybody needs a WebHotel to host their website… only a few nerds host them on their own server / computer.

Path… is also provided by your WebHotel provider. Often it’s just… / but could be www or… depends. You need to ask your WebHotel provider (in what subfolder your files are stored).

Mode… I’ve never had to change that. But if it doesn’t work with default settings – change it. Test. Change it. I use default: Extended Passive.

Oh… I’ve never read this in any manual – ever. Picked it up along the way… learning by doing. I hate manuals… don’t mind reading though. I’m no einstein brain… just curious enough to dig up what I need to know. And very good at asking questions… that’s a great advantage! Asking.

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