Cant publish Site Styles or Header changes

I am suddenly unable to see changes to site styles and headers on the live website. I have changed the link colours in my site styles and changed some headers from H3 to H2. Everything looks OK in preview.

When I publish the changes the new pages behave strangely:-
When the page first loads - The link colours have not changed from previous colours and the the headers seem to use a new font and weight that is different from the specified master style.

On my desktop, in Safari, If I then refresh the page I can see the page with the changes flash up for about a second and then it reverts to the page that loaded first (with no changed links or headers). This only happens on desktop and with safari - on firefox on desktop and on tablet/mobile you dont get that flash of a changed page but still the changes are not published

Some changes do publish correctly though. I am able to change text in paragraph stacks and have added a button and even changed the style of a button on a page and all these changes are visible in the published page - though still with the incorrect link colours and header styles

I have recently changed all my page URLs via folder/filenames though everything seems to be working ok on the website. I have also added an .htaccess file to my server with 301 redirects and code for gzip as supplied by host and these all work fine. I tried removing the .htaccess file incase it was that causing the issue but it didn’t make any difference.

I have double checked all publishing paths and domain destinations with my provider
I have tried clearing the cache
I have tried republishing all files
I have tried un-checking the minify CSS/Java option in site settings
I have tried un-checking the cache busting links in site settings
There are no duplicate .html and .php files in my server folders

Using RW7 / Foundation / All up to date

Please help as its driving me mad!
Thank you all

A URL and specifics of what changes you are expecting on the page would help.

sorry… example page is
if you are on desktop and safari you may see the correct styles load for a second if you refresh the page

the title style for H1 and H2 is for some reason correct on this page:

you can see the difference on the about-debbie-kendall page despite the header stack being set as H1 and H2

also the links in the body text should be red not blue as i thought the blue didn’t stand out


Looks like your using Rapid-Cart?

Looks like there is something in the UK-h1 class (I think from RCP) that is overriding you heading sizes.

The page above that is working correctly does not have the cart on it.


How interesting! I would never have spotted that!!!
Actually the page that is working correctly should have an invisible cart on it, but it slipped through the net!

The website has been working fine before this point and publishing all changes without a problem though there was a recent rapidcart update - so perhaps something on the update has caused the problem???
Presumably there is something on the rapid cart code that is also overriding my site styles too? Can you see that?

Any thoughts on how it can fix it?
Many thanks

I don’t have RCP, and since the OP I’m looking at is generated from PHP (it is also minified and consolidated), it would be hard to tell. You could try removing the RCP cart from the page. If I remember the uk- stuff that is changing some of your font sizes is from RCP.

You also are getting console errors loading some of the font files.

Yes I saw that about the font file errors… have sent a note to @rob about this
It seems that he pages leave fine without the cart but need it on all the pages so people can see their cart total wherever they are on the website… thanks for the insight… perhaps @rob can help further ???

I found another thread on the forum where RCpro CSS in the UIKit customiser (under Customisation/Styles tabs in RCPro) was interfering with the appearance of other stacks… so i deleted all the CSS code under the Customization/Styles tab and now all the pages are showing with the correct format of headers and link colours… I dont know why this is suddenly a problem as I have always used customised RCPro CSS via the UIKit generator before with no effect on foundation stacks settings… so I have left the CSS code blank now in the RCpro customiser - the compromise is having to live with default colours for cart buttons etc which i guess is acceptable … thanks to @teefers for pointing me in the right direction :slight_smile: and maybe this will be of some use to someone with a similar issue… I hope its OK to leave the customised CSS page in RCpro blank??? If anyone has anything to add… please shout

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Hi Debbie,

You can still target RCP buttons etc. with site-wide CSS like:

.uk-button-success {
background-color: red !important;

From what I’ve seen the RCP generated CSS is very aggressive, so I ended up not using the UlKit customizer for most CSS.


Ok thanks @thang I’ll give that a try… the CSS generated by the RCpro UIKit did seem to be very lengthy just to change a few button colours!