RW exports every page, when I publish, since RW 6.2. Why?

Since RW 6.2 (not 6.1, all is ok.) RW export every page, when I publish.
I made no changes nowhere, but RW export every page.
This is extremely troublesome, because it is unnecessary.
RW 5 and RW 6.1 work fine, but RW 6.2 and 6.3 export unnecessary pages.
Is this just me?

I too am having this issue.

I have noticed that there is a new preference in the RapidWeaver preferences labeled “Enable Smart Publishing” under the Publishing tab – it sounds like it’s for turning that exact feature.

As a developer I know there is a certain class of bug where a new control is added and connected to a new preference – when the preference doesn’t yet exist the button displays a default value and the app performs a default behavior – the bug happens when the default behavior and the default state of the button are not the same.

I do not know if that is the case here or not, but if I were the developer of RapidWeaver it would be the first place I looked. :wink:

As a user, you can usually work around this bug by un-checking and then re-checking that checkbox. So, I’d give that a shot – if my guess is right it’ll fix the problem – if not you only wasted about 30 seconds trying. So, nothing (but 30s) to lose!


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My problem is not the publishing of many files. I mean the unnecessary export all pages of the website before publishing. Nothing changed, nothing to export, I think.

…now I’ve noticed that if one page has made changes (blue point), only this page will be exported. That’s right so. But many / all pages will be published anyway.

The error arises only, if nothing has been changed on the pages.

Clicking “Enable Smart Publishing” did not help.
But thanks for the tip.

Wishing a nice weekend.

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There is no Stacks 3, no PlusKit in this project.
I think, it’s “only” a RapidWeaver bug.

… and the re-publish all files is another bug, for me too.


ah… only if nothing has been changed – that seems to be the trigger. good catch. i’ll send that one to the RW devs.


I have the same problem. RW marks all pages and all resources as edited (blue dot) and uploads all 500 something files. One time, after doing some minor editing, it looked like there were only 17 files to upload but it took the same amount of time to upload as the other times. Quite frustrating as I am doing many edits a day at the moment.

I’m having the same problem. If I just make a small change on one page, RW exports every page, and I have blue dots on all of my pages, wether I make changes or not, the blue dots are always there…

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Yes a good question.

Not only does it export everything every time but unless you just publish a new or changed page it will try and re publish everything every time.

This is a three year old post talking about a version of RapidWeaver 6.
I doubt the same problem still exists.

I would be best to create a new topic(post) and be specific as you can. Information like what exact version of RapidWeaver, what plugins(types of pages) you are using and what exactly you changed that triggers the blue dots.

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