Can't upgrade Rapidweaver and change theme because of plug-inn that is no longer supported

I use Rapidweaver 5 and have RW6 but stil have not been able to use it as the brilliant “RW symCorssSlide Plugin” is no longer supported on RW6. The plugin has bot been updated so I am stuck. Even worse, I bough some nice themes for RW6 that I can’t use either as when I open my RW5 website to update to RW6 with new theme, the message “Missing plugin of type “RW symCorssSlide Plugin”” comes up and main part of page remains blank, not just the pictures slider but also the text does not show.

I changed to Rapidweaver years ago for the ease of changing themes and future proofing. But it looks like thatI now have to start from scratch again rebuilding my website as I don’t seem to be able to uninstall the outdated plug-in. Very annoying or am I doing something wrong?

Hi, Daniel,

Sorry to hear about your situation. A lot has changed in RW-world since version 5. Both macOS and RW were updated more than once in the intervening years. What’s more, unfortunately, some add-on developers closed their shops (SymfoniP is an example) and some older plugins are not supported anymore. That is most likely the reason for your inability to launch your old project.

I would suggest that you get in touch with RealMac Software and negotiate getting an upgrade discount for being an existing customer. I’m sure they will accommodate you. Then, make use of these pages:

Also, be aware, that old themes are mostly non-responsive. They don’t work well with new devices such as tablets and phones. Old plugins—even those that still work—should be replaced by their Stacks-based equivalents, as they are easier to work with and more reliable (of course, that means you will need the Stacks plugin).

Taking all that into consideration, if I were you, I would remake the entire website from scratch. And then, I would try to stay up-to-date…

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